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Nerf Sues Buzz Bee And Lanard!

30 June 2010 - 08:17 PM

Hasbro sues other toy makers over patents

For those too lazy to click the link:


Toy maker Hasbro Inc. is suing two competitors, Buzz Bee Toys and Lanard Toys, claiming they infringed on its patent for the Nerf and Super Soaker brands, Hasbro said Wednesday.

At issue in both cases are two U.S. patents for Hasbro's Nerf N-Strike Disc Shot Blaster shooting toy. Hasbro also claims Buzz Bee Toys infringed on a patent related to its Nerf Super Soaker water toy.

Buzz Bee Toys, in Mt. Laurel, N.J., declined to comment.

Lanard Toys Inc., which is based in Hong Kong with U.S. offices in Sugar Creek, Mo., could not immediately be reached.

Hasbro said it wants both companies to stop making the toys at issue and pay unspecified monetary damages. It filed the complaints in U.S. District Court in Springfield, Mass.

"The action we have taken today is part of Hasbro's plans to vigorously pursue companies who misappropriate our intellectual property for their own profit," Wayne Charness, senior vice president of corporate communications, said in a statement.

Hasbro shares rose 49 cents to $39.85 in midday trading.


While I'm pretty sure that Hasbro is sueing Lanard about Nerf patent infringement, it's unclear whether Buzz Bee is being sued over Nerf patents, Super Soaker patents, or both. Hasbro has a history of losing lawsuits like this, so I don't think it means the end of off-brand blaster production or anything.

Longest Professional Tennis Match... Ever!

23 June 2010 - 03:20 PM

Did anyone else watch this? Last night, John Isner and Nicolas Mahut played four sets, winning two apiece, at the Wimbledon tennis championships. They suspended play at 9:07 due to darkness. Today, they picked up the match in the fifth set and played through the entire day without a single break of serve, eventually having to suspend play at around the same time tonight. The match, which has not even ended, has broken almost every major record in tennis; the fifth set alone was longer than any other entire match in the history of the sport!

At first, I wanted Isner to win, but I can't even imagine an end to it anymore--I just have so much respect for both of the players. I think it's really exciting to witness such an Effeminate battle and historical milestone.

Double Crossbow Mod

24 August 2009 - 03:11 PM

I originally posted this on Foam Universe for the Mother of All Mod Contests, but since that is over, I'll repost it here, where I think it'll be most helpful.

The Double Crossbow is a classic example of a “useless” older Nerf blaster. It fires missiles, is push-pull, and, to be honest, seems to lack potential. Last year, I purchased one through these forums and quickly modified it with CPVC barrels by wrapping duct tape around each stub where the former barrel used to be and then jamming the new barrel on. I was surprised to find that, when each barrel was loaded with four or five stefans, it could achieve respectable ranges of over 50’, with a shotgun spread of about 15’-20’. For a while, I relegated the blaster to use as a sidearm, or last resort, blaster. Recently, I received another of the relatively uncommon blasters. Placing it next to my older one, inspiration hit me. It was a small blaster to begin with—two of them would still be the same size as an Eagle Eye. Why not connect them together by their sides and handles to make a “quadruple crossbow”? A blaster that launches 20 one-inch stefans at a range of 60’ with a spread of 15’ would be undodgeable, and a definite force to reckon with! Soon enough, this is what I had. This write-up will teach the reader how to replicate what I did to make his or her own Quadruple Crossbow. The write up also gives instructions on how to modify a single Double Crossbow, if that is all that the reader wishes to do.

Materials Needed to modify a single Double Crossbow:
-1 NERF Double Crossbow
-1 ½” CPVC coupler
-Epoxy glue
-“Plumber’s Goop” adhesive
-10” of ½” CPVC

Materials Needed to make a Quadruple Crossbow:

-2 NERF Double Crossbows
-2 ½” CPVC couplers
-A tube of epoxy glue, with something to mix it and a mixing surface
-A tube of “Plumber’s Goop” adhesive
-1’ 9” of ½” CPVC (More if you want to make multiple clips)
-A length of PVC with an outer diameter of 1.5”, or an equivalent piece of tubing

Tools Needed:

-A Hacksaw
-A file or piece of sandpaper

Okay, to begin, place your hand on the soft plastic barrel of the stock blaster, like so.

Posted Image

Firmly grasp the tube, then twist and pull it out slowly at the same time, in order to remove the barrel.

Posted Image

Your blasters should now look like this.

Posted Image

Next, take your CPVC couplers.

Carefully cut the coupler in half, as close to the seam in the middle as possible.

Posted Image

Posted Image

You should now have four half-couplers. Soon, you will glue these half-couplers to the barrel stubs of the blaster. In order to make the bond stronger, use your file or sandpaper to roughen the lip around the stub. That’s this part. (The yellow area is where you should roughen the plastic.)

Posted Image

Posted Image

Take out your epoxy glue.

Posted Image

Mix the two parts of the glue together using a stick or brush.

Posted Image

Using this stick or brush, apply glue to the lip around the barrel stub, then place the half-coupler around the stub. Make sure that it is centered. Repeat this step with all four barrel stubs, then let it dry. Afterwards, the blasters should look like this.

Posted Image

In order to make the bond between the couplers and blasters stronger, coat the space between the blaster and coupler with Plumber’s Goop, like this.

Posted Image

Let the adhesive dry and cure for a day. Make sure to put the blasters in a room with the windows open, or a good ventilation system, as they dry. After drying, Plumber’s Goop is nearly invisible, so you can barely tell that it’s there.

At this point, each blaster could be used separately by simply putting 5” CPVC barrels into the couplers. If you only own one Double Crossbow, or do not wish to make a Quadruple Crossbow, stop reading now—you’re done. If you are going to make a Quadruple Crossbow, read on.

The next thing to do is to connect the two blasters. I used epoxy. However, other kinds of adhesives, such as Goop, could be used. If you are going to use epoxy, please use my previous instructions on how to prepare the glue.

The blasters will be connected by their sides, as shown in this picture.

Posted Image

Use your file or sandpaper to roughen the protruding areas on each “inside” side—the side that will touch the other blaster. This will allow the glue to have a stronger bond.

Posted Image

Place your adhesive on each of these protruding areas, as shown in this diagram.

Posted Image

The areas with drawing on them should have adhesive.

Press the two blasters together, making sure that each one lines up with the other, and let the glue dry. Your end result should look like this.

Posted Image

Topic Should Be Unstickied

02 August 2009 - 06:31 PM

I think, now that Langley's Nerfer Locator has replaced it, this should be un-stickied and locked. It no longer serves any purpose other than to distract nerfers from a better and more important project.

Puzzle Challenge!

03 February 2009 - 08:25 PM

I was inspired by imaseoulman's topic.

Here's how it goes: Someone posts a puzzle-the next person attempts to solve. If they solve correctly, they post a new puzzle. Etc.

I'll start the ball rolling.

Take the number set 123456789 (In that order) and get 100 by inserting +,-,/, or * into the string of numbers. This one's pretty easy.