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Possible Mn War

12 July 2010 - 05:55 PM

So, as anyone in Minnesota knows, my life has pretty much not allowed for me to do pretty much anything fun or Nerf related, with basement flooding, and other such random shit. Turns out, Hilts war is on the day that my girlfriends retarded ass mother demands I go to wisconsin to amuse her bumpkin unicorn loving boyfriend (yes, he has unicorns all over his house. Like, big posters with rainbows and shit). So as such, I'd like to try to get something together in this week or something. It is super short notice, but there have to be atleast some people who want to get out and nerf too.

Is the week doable for anyone? I know some people have jobs, and alot of people don't, but are there weekdays we could use?

Official Steam/pc Gaming Thread

21 November 2009 - 09:12 AM

Post steam ID's, reviews, or anything else that seems relevant to this thread (except you saying "I would totally survive a zombie apocalypse").

Steam ID: Julian

Bustaninja Steam ID: Julian
Ricochet Rebels Steam ID: RicochetRebels
A side of nerf Steam ID: asideofnerf
The cart racing nerf man Steam ID: Destroyer
Merzlin Steam ID: Merzlin
Homestarune Steam ID: 00nage
Thomas Steam ID: Tragonan1
1337 Steam ID: Jeeeefff
Blacksunshine Steam ID: Blacksunshine420
Deaddumpster Steam ID: J_bravo118
NJ Nerfsquad Steam ID's: Hockeyone19, BigDukes
Foamfoot Steam ID: Foamfoot
VelveetaAvenger Steam ID: VelveetaAvenger
Daniel Beaver Steam ID: Danthemanpr
Bobafan Steam ID: Bobafan
K9turrent Steam ID: K9turrent
Bigred1rifleman Steam ID: 5websters
Groove Steam ID: groovenerfer[at]hotmail[dot]com
Lucian Steam ID: Lucian151
Xtremejumpy Steam ID: Xtremejumpy
Outcast100 Steam ID: Outcast10000
Eh_Watt?'s Steam ID: FezzyBeberage

Mn Pre Sof Wars

18 July 2009 - 10:22 PM

Ok, so we got there at 11, Nerfed till like 3, then got lunch, then went till about 6. Most people would call it a day, and be really tired, but us being the Mn crew, we roll more hard core than anyone else on the Nerfing block, so we decided to grab a bite, then kick off a fucking intense indoor war too. RF20s, Magstrikes, FURYFIRES!! (Thats right, first war they were used at ever) and Mavs were king, and we had a blast.

Good Shit
-Having Fun!!
-Being a force to be reckoned with with my 1500
-Having a kick ass time
-Talking shit
-Having more fun

Bad stuff
-If you kept reading this section, you need to Nerf. There is nothing bad about Nerfing, so hence, no more "cons" or "bad things"

Oh, and anyone who says that Mavericks, Magstrikes, and any other low range/High ROF gun don't belong in Nerf, then you need to throw away your Nerf guns, and stop attempting to play the game. As Talio, and anyone else who has said it on the Podcasts said, anyone who can't Nerf with guns like the Mav and have fun need to stop.

It was lots of fun. Oh, my god it was Effeminate.

Mnnnnoooco.... Whatever Its Called

16 May 2009 - 08:55 PM

This is the recap for MNCNOSTP.... Or whatever the fuck it was called. We need a better naming system.

Aight bitches, recap this motherfucker

-Ryan using ebonics pretty much all day. Its only funny because there are people who talk like that.
-The roundabout. We drove around in circles for like 5 minutes doing nothing.
-Effeminate 1500s
-Ryan's Effeminate 1500
-Seeing other peoples stuff. Thats always fun.
-Venom's DoomWhisperer. Thats what his shorter broken DoomSayer is called now
-Hilt showing up.
-People liking my foam sword
-Getting alot of pictures.
-Using the location on the other side of the bridge. Its NICE!!
-Ryan's FBI car
-The diddler van
-"What should I get Sam?" "Totally get him 3 dollar menu drinks"
-Or "I'll get him 6 cookies"
-Or "Get him 6 slices of cheese. They are 50 cents each right?"
-Kids picking up darts. Its always kinda nifty.


15 March 2009 - 10:17 PM

Ok, sadly, no writeup or anything, I just had a weird idea like I always go. I was looking at Groove's old Guru, and then after seeing venom use a guru knock off, I have seen that having two back up shots is a good idea, however they are always fired as a shotgun.

I love spring guns. I don't like pumping things, other then my SM1500 or AT2K but thats beside the point. I wanted something that could emulate the performance of the splitfire, but used only springs and a standard SNAP design. I also designed it to be used as a stand alone primary, but that may be easier said then done, seeing as how it would have to be big to get primary ranges. Here is the primary version. Still looking into springs and parts to make the undergun "pistol" thing

Ok, incase you need an explination on how it works, you pull forward on the aluminum rod with the key ring, and it will cock. When you fire, the spring will push the plunger rod toward the rear of the gun, and expel air from the back. If you need more assistance, look at either Carbon, or Galaxy (I think, please correct me if Im wrong)'s thread about the "reverse" plungers. They can explain it better then me.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Simple, yes, but it would make a pleasing integration at a pistol size.

Comments, questions, flames, anything. I am looking for any input I can get on this, and yes, I agree with Langley, google sketchup is a bitch.