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Novint Falcon

28 August 2009 - 10:41 PM

For people who don't know what the novint falcon is, .

The novint falcon is this really cool joystick for computer games. It essentially tries to replicate the feel of actually being in the game (at least through your hand). For example, using a gun with the falcon produces a recoil in the actual grip, not just a quick jerk up in game. Different weapons also feel differently.

I figured I would post this thread because if anyone wanted to buy the falcon, this will help. The falcon is unfortunately pretty expensive, and I have something that can help! If you do want to buy the falcon use the code madmax upon checkout, and you will get 20% off! I'm not trying to advertise it, but I figured at least one person will save some money from this.

Just to show that I'm not lying

Posted Image

Madmax's Sales Thread

26 June 2009 - 12:01 PM

Last time I posted a off-topic sale in off-topic no admin said it wasn't allowed, so I figured I'm good to go.


This is in good condition, I have had it for about 3 years now and it is still in good condition. There are no scratches on the screen, in fact it comes with both a screen protector and this flip down thing that covers the screen protector. Lot comes with PSP, charger, battery pack, 1gb memory stick, and GTA liberty city stories. I also have custom firmware installed so you also get some Mario games, metal gear solid (don't remember which one) and Zelda: ocarina of time.

Front view of the PSP: Posted Image

Memory stick: Posted Image

Bundle: Posted Image

The game is in the PSP at the moment. Yes, it does still work, I just tested it.

PSP games:

I also have the game SOCOM US naby seals Fireteam Bravo 2. wont come with the PSP but I will be selling it.

I also have the family guy frekin sweet collection for the PSP. Its a few of the better episodes. The case is beat up but the disc is fine.

Computer games:

Flight Simulator X: deluxe edition. Fun game. If anyone really wants it I can also sell my joystick to go with the game.

Star Wars Battlefront 2. Also an amazing game. The flight in this game is also fun.

Quake 4: Yes I know its an old game, but its fucking awesome. Especially with cheats. Also the gibs are cool.

Game Cube games:

Only one so far, FIFA 06 soccer.

Lets do this by the bid system. First person puts a bid down. If that bid is sill the highest after 3 days the item goes to that person. I wont take ridiculously low bids (not 1$ bids people). I kind of expect like 10$ for each of the games. In fact why don't we start the bidding there? PSP will go to the highest bidder after 5 days, because I imagine more people want the PSP.

Thanks for your time, and I hope you buy.

Tech Target Brass Breach

08 June 2009 - 06:48 PM

OK, here goes.

How many of you have every gotten tired of ram-roding darts or pushing them in with your finger. How many of you have random pieces of brass lying around? Well, if you fit into these categories, its time for a change. Introducing the Internal Brass Breached Tech Target(IBBTTG)

Posted Image

Final project will look like this. Lets get started.


Brass, 9/16 and 17/32

Dremel with cutting bit (for the brass)

First open up your gun. Make sure that when you open up the gun you do not loose this piece

Posted Image

Take everything else out and put it somewhere safe, we are going to be working with on of the half shells of the gun. Pick the side that you want your breach to be on. Now you want to cut out a rectangular hole in the side of the case

Posted Image
You want the hole to be long enough to fit a dart in, and it should go from the top blue rail to the middle blue rail.

Now, take your 9/16 brass. First, cut it down so that is reaches from the front of the plunger tube to the front of that orange piece (front meaning the farthest away portion of it) After the brass is cut down you want to cut a rectangular hole it it the same length as the hole in the side of the gun. The hole on the brass should take up about half of the brass (circularly)

Posted Image
This is what you want

Then hotglue, or any alternative glue, your brass over the lip of the plunger tube. The 9/16 should fit perfectly over this lip.
Posted Image

Now you want to cut down that orange piece. It should go from looking like this:
Posted Image

to looking like it does in this picture
Posted Image

Dremel out the inside of the orange piece, and glue it to the end of the brass so that it holds the front of the section solidly in the gun. When the plunger tube is in place the breach should line up with the hole you cut in the side of the gun. The front orange piece serves to make it look clean, and to hold the front of the breach steady in the gun.

Now we can move on to the barrel. Take you 17/32 and cut it down to your desired barrel length. This obviously depends on the number of bands you have on your gun, ect, but I think 6 inches is a good length. Test the breach by sliding the barrel into it to make sure it slides nicely. Now you want to measure the amount of brass that sticks out the front of your gun, and cut a length of PVC to cover that.You should end up with this as your barrel
Posted Image
Looks nice, no?

You now have a breached side arm, that looks damn nice because of the nested brass. If your feeling particularly awesome you can figure out how to put a clip on this. I'm sure its possible, but I have not done it. Yet.

If you want to duel wield these just put the breaches of each one so that they either both face in or out when you hold both of them (based on your preference)

2X final product, cause 2 is better than 1.
Posted Image

Slap some rubberbands on there and your good to go.

Questions, Comments, Flames?

Finished Physics Project

06 June 2009 - 09:29 PM


Well, so I have successfully completed the physics project I was previously talking about (if anyone is interested in the spring constant of a crossbow, its about 412 n/m) The video isn't all that entertaining, but it does have a potato cannon at the end, and a small guide on how to record the fps or m/s of a nerf gun.

Crossbow with no extra bungees and a 12'' brass barrel shooting converts gets 200 fps
Potato cannons go BOOOOM!

Nerf Crossbow Spring Constant

01 June 2009 - 10:41 AM

Hey Internet...

I'm doing a physics project focused around the crossbow, and I need to know the spring constant of the spring. Does anyone know off of the top of their head? If no one knows I can test it, but I thought that i'd ask first. If no one knows I will post it after I test it in class tomorow. Thanks.