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Nerf Disk Shot & Spidey Dart Tag Set In Stores

28 July 2007 - 03:56 PM

I just got back from TRU where I picked up the Nerf Disk Shot and Spider-Man vs Venom Dart Tag Set. The Disk Shot was $49.99 and Spidey Dart Tag was $29.99.

Here are a few quick pics of the front and back of the boxes, I'll try to get more pictures of the guns up later this afternoon:

Posted Image

Posted Image

PS - If you don't want to wait for these items to show up in your local stores the Disk Shot is in stock at Amazon.com and the Spider-Man Dart Tag is at KBToys.com.

Longshot With Bonus Nite Finder Ex-3 Sight

07 October 2006 - 05:21 PM

I was at Walmart today when I saw something new, apparently Nerf is now offering the Longshot with a bonus sight attachment called the 'Night Finder EX-3 Sight'. I'm not sure why they couldn't have come up with a more original name for this thing, but it's pretty neat nonetheless. It takes 2 AA batteries and, like the Nite Finder it shares a name with, it shines a light beam for "precision blasting -even in the dark!"

They only cost $28.95, so if you've been waiting on picking up a Longshot now might be the time as I'm sure like the Dart tag / Firestrike sets last year these won't be around for very long.

Here are a few quick pics I took of the box and the sight on a couple of different N-Strike blasters:

Box Front
Box Back
On the Nite Finder
On the Maverick
Just the Sight

Edit: Sorry about the pics, larger ones can be seen here - http://photobucket.c...25/SuperOrange/

Big Bad Bow And Titan At Target

29 July 2006 - 03:22 PM

I was at Target today looking for the Longshot (which they also had, but no Magstrikes yet) when I saw that they had both the Big Bad Bow and Titan for sale. The boxes on both said Target exclusives, so I don't know if Toys R us lost the BBB as an exclusive or what.

The Big Bad Bow pictured on the box didn't have any stickers on it at all, and it came with 6 arrows instead of the usual 3. It was priced at $19.99

The Titan was individually packed without the rest of the N-Stirke system, and it was titled "Big Bad Titan", not "Titan AS-V.I" as it was with the N-Strike system. It came with one missile and was also priced at $19.99.

I'll try to go back tomorrow with my digital camera and get pictures of both boxes for you guys.

Crossfire And "new" Tech Target Available Online

08 December 2005 - 08:04 PM

Just a quick heads up for anyone who might be interested, KBToys.com has the Nerf Crossfire in stock. You can get either a blue or red version of the gun, and they cost $9.99 each.

And HasbroToyShop.com has the "New" Nerf Tech Target in stock for $14.99.

Hopefully these will start showing up in stores soon.