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Nerf Haven Sent Me An Email?

17 April 2006 - 11:46 AM

I recieved this a few minutes ago

-- I removed the link so nobody would inadvertently click it here -- C
If you wish to support our project, click there!
Excuse for troubling:)
With the best regards, Administration of "nerfhaven.com". Do not forget about us!

Is this serious, or has someone gotten into your email, Cxwq?
I'll click if it's legit, but I would assume Nerf Haven would have explained the situation better.
Until then, beware of clicking, i guess....?


Vancouver Area Nerf Series 4

20 December 2004 - 04:43 PM

Hello all,

VANS4 is underway, and approaching VERY quickly!

December 30th, 2004
Unit 123, 1551 Broadway, Port Coquitlam

Yes, it's soon. But the last 2 Nerf wars I planned in advance, early confirmations meant nothing.

So, contact me if you are interested. Here is the newsletter. READ IT.

Cam's Email -
Vancouver Area Nerf Series (VANS) Skirmish 4

Okay people, this is the official newsletter for VANS 4.

Now, I would like to outline a few key concerns I have about the war. These will be divided into their respective categories: Apparel, Safety, Time, Location, games, and finally, everything else that doesn’t fit in the above categories.


For a Nerf war, you will generally want to be dressed in something very comfortable, and easy to move in. You will be dodging darts and running around. Suitable apparel is anything you are comfortable wearing. There are laws, however, against certain choices of attire… such as not wearing pants in a public area. I shall hope we all show up ‘dressed to kill’, which is a double entandre. Also, the floor of the warehouse is polished concrete. I suggest some gloves, as you will be hiding behind boxes and sliding on the floor. And, Mike, no more sandals, ok? Called you on that one...


You will be shooting projectiles at people, and having them to you. Safety is number one, and I will MAKE SURE that everyone is protected. The biggest factor is eye protection, and it will be REQUIRED at this war. Eye protection is goggles, glasses, shades, anything.

You will also most likely need clothes that will soften the impact of darts. We do however need to be able to feel the hits so that there is no arguing over if you were shot or not.

Gloves are also something to consider, nothing like white knuckles after getting hit multiple times in the hand. Gloves are also good for crawling and such, if you use those tactics.


We have our war date set for December 30th, 2004. 1630-1900.


The location is a warehouse (compliments of my father) in Port Coquitlam. The warehouse is relatively empty, but there are numerous industrial cardboard boxes we can set up for cover. Here's the address:

Unit 123, 1551 Broadway, Port Coquitlam.

(NOTE: If you need maps to this area, contact Hunter via PM or email)

The weather will not affect us, although the temperature might.

The location has many characteristics that we can use to our advantage. Indoors, it's a big warehouse, at one end, up some steps is a balcony. We can go outside, also, although there isn't all that much cover.

Bring a snack and some drinks (I'll bring a bunch, again). Due to the fact that the war is on a weekday, it has to start late afternoon. This means having a late dinner, but lots of snack breaks should suffice our rumbling tummies.

The warehouse does have a washroom. No more bushes, ya!


We haven’t really figured this out yet, we think that the games will be decided at the time. I would like to try a lot of rule sets and games to get the most out of this experience. Bring your ideas with you, and don’t be afraid to share your thoughts.

Our main game types would be CTF (Capture the Flag), Assault (one team defends and objective, another team tries to complete it), and just a Team Death Match sort of thing.

I'll bring my list of games.

Everything Else

Bring a snack and a drink if you can. This will make it easier on us as a group. Have fun. Laugh more than you cry. Goof around, but don’t be stupid. Remember safety comes first, and always others before you. Be polite and mature, and don’t get into stupid arguments. Try your best to not get hurt, and have as much fun as possible. Talk your parents into watching a round of Nerf so they know what we are doing.

I hope this answers all of your questions. Email for directions, more information, or my phone number. I suggest we exchange numbers, as the warehouse can be tricky to find. My email is (accessisgod@gmail.com).

Edited by Hunter

Originally Written by Cam
Cam ().

Thanks, Cam.

Let me know if you are interested,

PS. Zero once said... "You do a good job, Hunter. Just get an automatic. " Well, I have two now. This should be interesting.

Alternative Max Shot Cocking

20 December 2004 - 04:21 PM

Hey all.

I love the Max Shot. The range is great. Accuracy, superb. My paintjob, freakin' schweet. You know what I hate though? The cocking lever.
So, I got rid of it, and replaced it with a bolt. Leaving a nice clean top to aim along (I think I may throw on a basic sight, too. Definitely try to add a stock...).

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Sure, the cocking lever does help out alot. It is, after all, a lever, increasing the power in which you pull it. That does help. This mod does require some strength. I'm currently experiencing some stabalization problems, but they should be overcome.

Happy Holidays,

Bbb Auto-breech W/shells

21 September 2004 - 07:52 PM

Hello All.

Here is what I have been working on as of late, I will now show you a couple teaser pictures for those of you who are visual learners and cannot understand my ramblings.

This idea was brough to me from two sides. I originally started it because Graham gave me a great idea, an Auto-breech for the BBB. Theoretically, it was perfect. No manual action needed.

The other side it came from was here, by VeggieBoy 3000. The concept of shells at first is not always the coolest thing, more of a hassle, and such. But, through error and error, I realized it was the only way to make an effective clip. Lefty proved my point yet again here.

In a way, it was an idea for a simple gravity clip fed auto-breech. Yah...

For those of you who do not understand how it works, take a look at the above links. Understand, also, these are only a few pictures to show you of what is to come.

So, in conclusion, I am making a gravity fed clip (with shells) on a breech that doesn't require yet another handle. The action goes like this.

Start with a closed barrel, no shell inside.
Push rear BBB handle, conected to barrel, opening breech allowing a shell to fall in.
Pull back rear handle, cocking the BBB and sealing the shell into the barrel.
Push rear BBB handle foward unsealing the shell from the barrel.
Turn 1/2" PVC handle to rotate PVC and eject the shell.
Return it to the upwards position, allowing a new shell to fall into place.
Pull back rear handle of the BBB to cock it and seal the shell into the barrel.

I originally put a piece of 17/32" on the BBB with plans of a manual breech. Because I use 17/32" shells, I need 9/16" on either side, as shown.
Posted Image
Posted Image
I suggest using a 1 1/2" 9/16" brass piece to secure onto your BBB, I just made a previous booboo.

Here you see the breech I cut into the 1/2" PVC.
Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image
Yes... a toe.^

NOTE: Nothing is attached, these are NOT steps.


Impressive Paint Jobs?

08 September 2004 - 07:54 PM

I was curious if anyone had recently done some great paint jobs? I personally like painting, as it customizes your gun.

Here is a flat black with reflective silver Scout. First ever painted Scout? Maybe. I was going for the whole Glock-with-chrome-slide look. I like it, although the slide causes a small scratch across the casing.

Posted Image

Here is a camoflauge Max Shot. I'm getting better.

Posted Image

Posted Image

I invite you to show off some of your paintjobs, I need some inspiration.