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Home Theater Projectors

28 July 2006 - 09:26 PM

Hey guys. I'm looking into buying either an LCD or DLP home projector for some gaming. I'm opposed to LCD projectors because of picture quality degradation. I think a DLP is really the way to go and I don't think the so called "rainbow effect" from it is a big issue. I was wondering if anyone has or knows some friends with a home projector and could help me decide if I'm making a good decision. I want to get a portable (one pound) DLP style projector that's powered by a series of LEDs instead of the usual bulb that burns out after a few thousand hours. Theoretically, i should never have to replace anything. On the Mitsubishi site, they say that the projector they have produces 250 lux, which, for the size of the projection throw they recommend translates into about 110 lumens. Most standard bulb projectors with bulbs that die have about 1000 lumens. Can anyone help me decide if this is a good buy at $700 bucks? There's a brighter version from Toshiba but it costs like #1,800. Here are some specs and general info if there are any other A/V Nerfers out there who would like to consult with me. Thanks!



Strongest Adhesive

27 November 2005 - 01:08 PM

I was wondering what everyone's favorite type of adhesive and sealant is for Nerf weapons. I've been trying plumber's goop, E6000, Household Welder, Gorilla Glue, plastic cement for models, hot glue, various epoxies. What does everyone recommend to get the strongest seal and adhesion? The reason I ask is because my friend did a smashing job of sticking a PVC barrel inseperably to the head of an old supersoaker XP65. I've been trying to put a similar barrel replacement on by big bad bow, but to no great effect. I get a good seal and adhesion, but the barrel always seems to snap off from the side at the slightest angular pressure. Anyone have any recommendations for glues to try or things to do differently? Thanks.

2004 Line-up Poll

23 June 2004 - 12:32 PM

Hornet + Blastfire = Room Broom

Dealing With The Police

13 June 2004 - 02:26 PM

Edit: There appears to be a problem with this link, even before it started getting mass-clicking... worked for me earlier, hopefully it'll work again soon.

I found this article scouring the 'net today actually for more info on the comlink because I'm thinking about buying the trio from ItalianStallion. Hasbro's site was down that usually has those cool directions/old manuals for many guns, etc. I found this, and I was wondering about others' dealings with the police. On my campus, the police are usually cool with us as long as we stay indoors at night, with 30-40 players all drawing guns, I can understand that. Ergo, we never brandish outdoors and always have police contact for designated time and academic building we're going to play in, etc. It wasn't always like that. They only recently worried we were going to go outside. Anyway, the administration gave us the go ahead to keep playing because it's 30-40 less people, almost 1% of campus that isn't binge-drinking every Saturday night for six hours. I still haven't finished this article, but I thought it would be cool to discuss it and our own run-ins with Johnny law. Do you cozen him? Run? Does he confiscate your firearms? Is he cool with you? Are you cool with him? I want to get some perspectives and discuss this interesting article above. On a personal note, before we cleared ourselves with campus police and the administration, they did threaten to confiscate our "facsimile firearms" because they are contraband and not supposed to be possessed on campus. I.e. if an officer saw someone brandishing such a thing in the dark it endangers both parties, etc. I'll post more in response to you folks and as I complete the article.

Edit: This appears to be the site of the people who run this thing.

Defective Guns New In Box

10 June 2004 - 12:25 PM

(Skip this first paragraph to get to the topic, it's just my personal griping and preamble.) I haven't gotten work done of any kind in the past few days because the broken AT4k rotator mechanism was haunting me. The only gun I've ever lost to modding was a switch shot max when I tried to hook up the water pressure barrel to the actual air pressure chamber for the dart. It doesn't haunt me that much; was like 2 bucks... but I spent 15 good dollars on the AT4k. I finally put a nail where the plastic rod on the rotator snapped off. But it's very particular size and leway-wise. So I had to widen all the parts on the rotator slightly. Then this part kept popping off that's usually screwed in (but couldn't be now because of the nail), so I had to goop it down... ugh. After like 10 hours of working on it and trying various approaches, I got the damn thing working like new. If anyone has any questions about AT4k internals, I think I've pretty much got it mastered. Hopefully I won't go through the same thing with my SM3k or my AT3k. If I do, I'll be able to talk you through fixing those rotators too... hopefully I'll never need to do that though for any of us. Ugh.

The AT4k was the second gun I got stock that broke immediately upon use. My Powerclip NIB came with the little purple thing where you pull the trigger back unglued. Had to goop that crap too. And it's missing one of its clip advance track things too. Anyone else have any problems with a gun new in box? Anything died as soon as you got it? Let's hear about everyone's "problem children." We should be the ones destroying our guns with modding, not Hasbro when they sell them to us, damnit.