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Indoor Building Open To The Nerf Community

13 December 2004 - 10:04 AM

OK this is more to get Hot Soup to shut up, but it would be fun as well. I will be opening my building to others to nerf in, my friends want some new targets and well their nagging can be quite annoying.

Here is the deal; I have workers in there during the weekdays, so weekends would be better: however, given the lack of daylight. We can play at night I have lights throughout the building. If we do play at night I will ask that everyone chips in a few bucks, electricity is not free. Also the first three floors will be restricted due to construction but that leaves another 6 to play on though.

I will not set a date, ideally I would like clans to contact me, or if a group of individuals can make a certain date I will try and accommodate them as best I can. Since I donít know any of you personally a waver will need to be signed waving rights. Also since I own the building it will be uninterrupted battles that can go on for some time, lights are nice. And multiple floors mean multiple battles and themes. The building zip is 26003.

How To Buy Brass And Pay No Shipping

29 September 2004 - 08:57 AM

I did a search but none were anything more than links nor involved free shipping, so I hope this helps some of you.

If you go to Do It Best website www.DoitBest.com and do a store search Iím pretty sure you can find a store near you; however, most stores donít normally have it in stock but just keep reading. You can order it off the web site just do a search for brass tubing but you have to pay for shipping this way. Or the SKU for K&S brass 17/32X12 is 277193 and 9/16X12 is 277207. Just take these SKU numbers to your closes Do It Best store and tell them you want to place an order. If you get the order in by Wednesday they should have it in by Friday, at least my store does. This saves you on the shipping costs completely and the prices are 2.49 and 2.59 respectively.

Hosting A Weekend War

16 August 2004 - 08:28 AM

Ok Iím not bragging here but just want to start out explaining a few things first off, in the attempt at avoiding and answering some of your questions this post will create. I am 24 and have been nerfing since there has been nerf. I have well over 100 guns which include about 20 modded NFís, just love the gun. But finding the time to finish all my mods is difficult. I run two companies and coach high school soccer as well. I have a core of 6 guys Iíve been nerfing with for the better part of 6 to 10 years. I also have been known to outfit my varsity soccer team with NF and have a go at it too. A few months back my newest company bought a 100,000 sq ft old furniture building. This building is 9 stories with rooms ranging from 150ft by 60 ft to small corridors and old offices. My initial phases of renovation will occupy the first 3 floors leaving 70,000, give or take open. My friends and I have had a blast this summer and have had some really Effeminate uninterrupted battles, some last the span of a weekend, eating and sleeping in shifts. So now to the point of this post, I would like to open discussion on hosting a WEEKEND WAR no date yet. I live about 40 min west of Pittsburgh my building is in the zip of 26003 and right next to route 70 on the Ohio River.
That is all,

Flash Bang Nf And More

25 March 2004 - 09:00 AM

So after getting some requests I thought Iíd move from obscurity and step into the limelight. Flash Bang NF, First what is a flash bang, it is a grenade weapon thrown into an area that admits a blinding light, disorienting your opponent. So I thought how cool would it be to incorp this into a gun, NFís are cheap and for the most part readily available. First go to a radio shack or electronic place and find the highest watt bulb you can the higher the brighter then replace the red led with your new one, this does involve some soldering work. The big problem I had was the current needed for the light was frying the board so I replaced the wires with a thicker gauge and I have what I want. If you can find a mini strobe light bulb this works to. This gun works great with night games and indoor and the effects on opponents are amazing. So far I have picked up over 18 NF itís finding the time to mod them all is tricky. Now what to do with all the nf I fried, well I have a lazer point version and a micro mag one, both kickass indoor and at night. Also some of you have been having trouble with your mod of this gun Rags has a great one on this site, but there are a few steps that can be done to increase the weaponís performance and stabilize the modís mechanics. Email if interested cause this post will be way too long if otherwise. ewdragonarmy@yahoo.com . I do have a lot more mods and concepts again just email and Iíll give details but some are still at the table phase but I wouldnít mind sharing some of them. After seeing that butchered SA I have some great ideas to actually make people want to use the gun again, but finding the time to do it is another thing. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT SO READ if you do this mod then remember one thing, make sure no one you are playing with has epilepsy or any other reaction to bright or flashing lights. Why you may ask because you can induce a seizure with bright and flashing light.