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Seals Nf Mod

06 May 2007 - 02:54 PM

First post!!! Ok this was the first mod i did on my own without copying anyone!!!(sorry no pics cant find my camera but is is reasonably easy to understand)
A Nite Finder EX-3
a Firefly REV-8
a small phillips head screw driver
a bit of free time

READ THIS FIRST!!! This mod requires the spring of the firefly, if you want to keep it then don't attempt this mod!!!

first open up your NF and take out the barrel. remove the peg air restrictor and spring. Next take out the plunger mech. Ok now time to work with the Firefly. Take out the screws. Now unscrew the plunger and remove it. now remove the spring and the O-ring. Put the o ring on the plunger thing next to the one in the NF. Now unscrew the O-Ring thing and take it off. Put the Firefly spring on there too. Screw the O-ring thing back on there and put the plunger system back together. Don't forget to screw it back in! Now do whatever you want to the gun.
Congrats it is finished!!!!!!

criticism? comments? questions?