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25 January 2004 - 07:16 PM

If I'm getting flamed for sharing my knowledge, then why the heck do I do it?

And yes, there are insruments that can measure up to 1/1000000000 of an inch.

I know what you think, but heck, if you dont want to believe me, then for gods sake, dont.

Dont reply expecting to get an anwser from me, i'm not comming back to this topic.

In Topic: My Gun

25 January 2004 - 06:29 PM

I promise you it is all genuine. The pvc can withstand what it is rated for, but it expands some before ith gets there.

Try this: Make a tank and take some wire ad wrap it arround it about 20 times. Mark the exact start and finnish places of the wire. Take the wire off and pump to 200psi. Re-wrap and I bet that the wire doesn't make it as far.

For anyone who reads this: Do not judge me by my Join Date. I have been with NH for a while, but my old account got screwed and I couldnt use it anymore, so I created this one. I have been with Nerfing for years, I have been here for the fall of NO, the rise of this site, and 2 downings of NHQ.

I got all my info after working in my engineering lab for a day. I was doing a test for a pipe company <i cant say who for security> and these were my results.

Why the heck am I getting flamed at for sharing my new eat shit!!!!!!!!!!

In Topic: New Darts

25 January 2004 - 06:19 PM

I am stupid. They aren't quite like those, but are very close.

For anyone who reads this. Don't judge me on my join date. I just got slammed by the grinch because he wasnt smart enought to read my first post under this name. Anyway, I'll say what i have said before: I am not new to NH, or nerfing. My old account got screwed so I couldnt use it anymore. Never call me a n00b ever, I have been around for downing of NHQ, the fall of NO, and the creation of this site.

In Topic: New Darts

24 January 2004 - 10:21 PM

What do you think I made them for? Mainly so nextime my friends and I have a backyard war, I can hurt.

In Topic: Not Again!

24 January 2004 - 10:03 PM

Hey, I dont post stuff like u say. Dont make all your assumptions off the join date. If you look at "This is a need to know" you will find that i have been with Nh, NHQ, NG for a very long time. I've been around for the fall of NO, and the last downing of NHQ.

You have got to think, and read my friend.