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#343879 [PA] Nerf War at Plains Airsoft Arena, Sunday March 22nd

Posted by koree on 04 January 2015 - 02:35 AM

A massive 30,000 square feet indoor airsoft arena has opened up in northeastern PA. The field has everything you could want.

-Many buildings, including two that are two stories.

-Great engagement distances for nerf

-Flag pulley system for objectives (Domination/Territories style games actually work here)

-Electronic bomb with plant/defuse functions

-Respawn corners with cover

-Friendly staff that will ref our games

Date: Sunday March 22nd 2015

Location: Plains Airsoft Arena

Start/End Time: 9AM to 5PM

Cost: $20-25 Like other nerf events hosted at airsoft venues. The more people we bring, the lower the cost required per person to cover the rental of the field. Bring more friends, pay less.

Waiver: Required for all players. If you are under 18, it is imperative that you print and have this waiver completed by your legal guardian, or have them complete the waiver there. Waiver can be found at here.

-Nothing may shoot as hard as a singled big blast with a plugged pump. More quantitatively, no blaster may shoot a dart harder than 260 fps with 1 gram darts. Basic NIC common sense. The playing area is large enough that I feel the blasters we use outdoors can be safely used.

-Eye protection is required.

-If you’re being a prick I’ll ask you to leave.

-All Participants must be 13 years or older.

BONUS! A quite a few of us are going to be spending the day before playing airsoft at the field. You should join us. It’s $25 if you have equipment, $55 if you don’t.

Please let post if you're going to be there and if you'll be joining us for airsoft as well.

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Bastard who broke my heart:

Pics of the Arena

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#328908 F-CAG

Posted by koree on 20 April 2013 - 11:42 PM

First of all, this is basically a paintball gun converted into a nerf blaster. This in itself is looked down upon due to the questionable legality of using such things in the venues we often play in. However, that can occasionally be ignored based on venue etc. What I think can NEVER be ignored is what this thing actually is. It's a REAL LETHAL WEAPON converted to shoot nerf darts. That is incredibly stupid.
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