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Re-barreled Rough Cut

13 July 2013 - 02:23 PM

First of all I have to say that you should not do this mod unless you are willing to waste a roughcut.
Chief Keener and I worked on this together and we have not gotten very successful ranges out of it, but I will explain that later.

What you will need:
- Rough Cut 2x4
- enough Cpvc to make 8 barrels
- small sticks (we used bamboo kabob sticks)
- 8" of 15/32 brass
- pipe cutters
- Dremel or other way of cutting plastic
- glue
- tape

The Main Blaster:
Take apart the rough cut and do the normal seal improvements, locks removed, whatever.

Then remove the barrels from the front. They are glued on and a little bit of effort will be needed to pry them apart.

The Barrels
First, cut the barrels off at the nub at the base.
Posted Image
like so.
Next take your 15/32 brass
Posted Image
and cut it into 8 one inch sections
Posted Image
Posted Image
Then choose a desired barrel length, and remember what length you chose for later on.
We chose 3" barrels.
Cut up your 8 barrels and get your 8 brass stubs.
Posted Image

Dont put your brass in like this, but this is how the brass is going to sit when the barrel is on it.
Posted Image
Mark off how much of the brass sits in the orange piece. We will be putting the barrel all the way to that line.
Then put the barrel on that line and glue it in like this:
Posted Image
*Protip* put the part that is slightly curled in facing into the barrel so it acts as a dart stop.
Then glue in the barrels, we used hot glue but Goop would probably work better.
Posted Image

The Air Restrictors
This is a very crucial step in the mod. This is what makes the top dart on each side shoot one by one. Or should I say 2 by 2.
Anyways, take your rods and cut them to your barrel length minus the dart length plus an 1/8" to 1/4".
So we used a 3" barrel with 1" darts so the rods were 2 1/4" long.
This insures the darts push back the air restrictors.
So get 8 of those
Posted Image
Next we will cut the nubs off of the AR's.
Posted Image
Then wrap some tape at the end of the stick to make it thick enough to fit in the indented hole on the AR.
Glue them in straight up.
Posted Image

Finishing steps
We had to sand out the orange parts behind the barrels to let the AR's travel smoothly.
Posted Image

Chief Keener also doubled up on the glue for the seal.

Put her back together and it will look something like this:
Posted Image

Final Comments
So the ranges we are getting currently are terrible. 10' to 30'.
But it is using stefans. The stefans have to be a very perfect fit because if it is too loose the AR will push it out and if it is too tight it will not shoot farther than 15"

That is why I labeled it as a proof of concept more than a mod.

Hope you enjoyed, and I look forward to see what you think.

Mobile Version

09 March 2011 - 06:20 PM

I have an idea, would it be possible to make a mobile version of the site? I use my phone and my iPod a lot to browse the forums, and this would make it relatively easier. I'm probably not the only one who feels that it is kind of difficult to view the site on mobile devices. Just a thought.

Full Cpvc Clip Accepting Ls Breech

02 December 2010 - 06:50 AM

Improvemants are farther down the page!

I don't have access to the different sizes of brass needed to make an Angel Breech, and I don't have enough money to buy off the internet. So I searched all over for a cpvc breach. I found two, both of which needed brass, I found http://www.nerfrevol...c.php?f=8&t=631 louiec3's breech and Uin13/Ice's breech. I also knew about singling it but, did not want to lose the ROF. So I went to work:

1/2" CPVC
1/2" Cpvc Coupler
Thinwalled 1/2" PVC
super glue
sand paper

First off let me tell you that the pictures came from 2 different longshots so if the colors of the peices change that is why

Here is the finished project:
Posted Image
I tried to make it as stock looking as possible.

First off take apart the blaster (no duh!)
then take this piece (the black one in the picture I don't remember what it is called) and cut it off.
Posted Image

Take only the bottom circle (orange in this picture) and put about 2 or 3 feet (enough to let it stick out the end of the blaster if you were to assemble it) Make sure to put that O-ring back on
Posted Image

then fill in the dead space with hotglue
Posted Image

when plunger setup is assembled it should be around this long
Posted Image

next, make your marks on where to cut the cpvc. (it needs to be small enough to completely fit inside the coupler but large enough to keep the dart from advancing too far in the clip. It also needs to be stategically placed to where when the plunger rod is caught by the catch the front mark is ontop of the dart and the back mark is behind the dart.) This is vitally important, if this is done incorectly it is highly likely it will not work in the end.
Posted Image

Then make a smooth line to cut like shown in the picture below
Posted Image

Make sure it will fin in the coupler. (in this picture it is too large so I had to make it a little smaller)
Posted Image

Next take your coupler and look inside it, you will find a ridge to stop the pipe from moving too far.
Posted Image
now sand the ridge off.
Posted Image

After you made sure that it fits inside the coupler go ahead and cut along the smooth line you made earlier
Posted Image

(I did not take a picture of this step so I will try to explain it as best as I can) After you have the cpvc in find where it rests all of the way forward. Hot glue the sanded out coupler with the other part of the cpvc glued inside of it.
(crude picture drawn in paint)
Posted Image

With the blaster assembled find where the nub should be super glued on. (I used goop, superglue, and epoxy to keep it on.)
Posted Image

then take your pvc cut it in half length wise and make it long enough to make it from the coupler to the front of the clip.
Posted Image

after you glue on the nub take some test shots to make sure it works and your done!

Posted Image