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Laser Tek Dart Basters

17 July 2007 - 01:07 PM

At the local 'junk for a buck store' that I frequent, I found these. Buzz Bees verision of the NiteFinder.

Posted Image

I passed them over on several trips, and it seemed like everytime I did, the price dropped. It wasn't until I got a deal that I couldn't refuse on them, that I bought two. I got them home and started into them. Straight out of the box, they amazed me. After all, I was expecting much. They averaged almost 25'. I shot each of the five darts that came with them.

Gun 1 - Ranges
1 - 16' (Possibly misloaded)
2 - 32'
3 - 26'
4 - 21'
5 - 23'

Gun 2 - Ranges
1 - 22'
2 - 21'
3 - 33'
4 - 27'
5 - 23'

I started removing screws to get to work. Don't forget the two under the batteries.

Posted Image

The front of the light is glued on and the soft plastic shell was not going to allow me to pry it off. I cut it to get through it thinking that I might repair it so that the light functions, but the light sucks, so I just got rid of it. The light in these makes the NF light look like a 10,000 candle spot light.

Posted Image

Here's the internals. I took out the wiring, the light and the battery compartment.

Posted Image

An exploded view of the plunge assembly.

Posted Image

The only unique thing about the gun is the rachetting catch on the plunger. I'm not sure why it's there or any reason that it would ever be used but you can shoot at different power levels. That and it comes with glow-in-the-dark darts.

Posted Image

I cut off the end of the AR and peg. The picture doesn't show the final cut. After making the first cut I made another flush against the plunger tube.

Posted Image

Glue the CPVC to the end of the plunger and add the coupler.

Posted Image

Other improvments that I did, but didn't take pictures of:
  • I added a stronger spring that I got from an auto junk dealer. The same spring that I used in my NF.
  • Turned the battery compartment into ammo holders to hold my single shot shells.
  • e-taped the plunger head.
It's still waiting for a paint job. Here's a size comparision to a NF and my 8 shot quick loader. I use those quick loaders on most of my guns and carry four during a war.

Posted Image

I tested ranges against my NF. The NF has basically the same mods done to it.

Gun 1 - Stefans - 58' Stock - 49' Highest - 61'
Gun 2 - Stefans - 62' Stock - 51' Highest - 69'
NF - Stefans - 63' Stock - 50' Highest - 67'

The same 5 darts were shot from all three guns and took the averages.

I did a very basic mod to this gun and have been very impressed with it. It's a bid more awkward than my NF and the shell is incredibly soft. Scale of 1-10. I'd give it a 7.5 and my NF a 8. NF gets the edge because of comfort. For the price, I could not have been happier with these.

Questions, comments, even flames appreciated. My first write-up so I expect there to be some mistakes.

Maverick Mod

01 July 2007 - 12:35 AM

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Can anyonegive me a little more info on this mod? I'd like to know if there is a write up out there, what other part are included in this mod, any links, and who deserves the pat on the back. I was looking to do something a bit similar but would like to gather as much info as possible first. I tired the search and failed miserably. Any help would be appreciated.