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Racking My Brain To Make A Nerf Rifle

02 December 2010 - 04:49 PM

no pictures on what i have done right now sorry, no camera and my phone needs an external memory card to get pictures off it.

I'm working on making a homemade Nerf rifle, for streamlines and stefans due to how i made the barrel.
-I took one of the barrel tubes from the long shot and shoved a buzzbee shell with the back removed into it, taped it up a bit so it would fit into the buzzbee lever action rifle (i forget the actual name at the moment) and put the barrel back together without the shell ejector in there due to lack of room. I still have all of the parts for the two rifles I took apart; one I got a the shell I took the back off stuck in with another one. The other i had cut the tube for the air to get to the dart chamber. The barrel of the latter is the one I'm using for this. -The reason I need an internal magazine is because I'm basing this Nerf rifle off of the M1 Garand.
-Before you comment on COD I've never played that game series, heard about it, looked it up and read about it, but never played it.-
I'm going to use a wooden frame with plastic and metal internal parts. this is still in the thought stage, I have some of the parts set, I can get part of the shell ready today, -the front grip is going to be the front grip of the buzz bee lever action rifle I got the barrel from-
I have the spring the dart platform for the internal magazine, what i need is how to get the air to the dart and how to set up the trigger and catch to release the air flow.
I think I'll use a plunger system so i can put that inside the shell.
The way I plan on putting the dart into the shell i shoved into the long shot barrel tube -forgot to mention earlier it's from the front gun's extension for the main gun, it pokes out of the barrel "shell" by about 1/4 inch- is by having the M1 Garand's magazine slide have a tube -probably a breech- to push the dart into the buzz bee dart shell. now the real problem is to find a way to cock the thing that will be efficient. I've thought about priming it like a night finder but that would be awkward, and I've considered using a air tank, while that would make it be semi auto it wouldn't look quite right. So it would have to be an internal plunger system.

In a nutshell;
-I have started on this project, this is not an idea thread, I just need some help with some key features stated in the above (the plunger system, how to prime it and how to effectively get the air to the darts).
-Pictures will be added when i take them, no promises on due dates but most likely people will want to see what I'm doing.
Other notes:
- I need some help with how to get the magazine to keep the darts in while i load, reload, or just move to the next shot without ruining the look.
-any help would be appreciated.
-I have searched the forums before posting this, no help with any of the details listed.
-I'm building this from scratch and spare parts, meaning just about whatever i have on hand.
-if the mods close this, I'm still going to keep building, just with a more crude outcome most likely.
okay so this is what i want it too resemble, for those who don't really know what a M1 Garand looks like. I actually got this idea from this gun called
This machine from fallout new vegas. rather fun really.

I'll get to posting what I got done later when i have access to a camera

Has Anyone Considered Of Doing This:

30 September 2010 - 11:42 AM

this is my first post, but i have to get this out on paper and have some suggestions/comments/critisism about it. this just seemed like a good place to start.

the idea i came up with was to make a lever action rifle out of a Rapid Fire Trek Six (made by buzzbee toys) now parts that uses a n-strike clip (or simular function of just useing just darts instead of darts and shells). the idea would be to replace the plunger, tubve and barrel of the rifle as well as making a new part for the cocking mechanism. the part in particular is the one with the two O-rings, cutting back a little bit before the hole where the air gets pushed in and adding a modified shell to hold the dart. the shell used would have to be cut to make a slot, and would also have to start far enough back to have the dart enter properly. i'm thinking of useing the shells you get with the riffle with the peg drilled out. if i remember correctly i used a 5/32 drill bit or was it a 5/16... anyway i don't know what to use for replacements for the barrel, plunger, and plunger tube, though you'd probably have to either modify the orrigenal plunger or make a new one that is the same shape or as close to it as you can. i'll add more detail as i continue to think this out.