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05 June 2011 - 06:25 PM

Hello, as we were discussing in the OMWF thread and the IRC about a monthly war in the DC area, I have decided to create DCNF! DCNF will be a monthly war in the DC/DMV area. We are going to try to start it in July.

25th of June

-Beall Elementary, Rockville, MD, I will go have a look at the place before the war.

-10 AM til whenever we feel like ending

-No JOBARs, No Cobras, no singled Titans, no singled SM5Ks, no singled plugged-pump airguns designed to shoot anything larger than a Mega dart. (If you are unsure about whether your blaster fits this description, bring a back-up just in case.)
-No exposed metal barrels
-No blasters painted flat black
-No dressing up in camouflage
-Bring a pistol or two. We will be having pistol-based rounds.
-Bring some other weird crazy fun blasters. Ball guns, proprietary missiles/arrows, whatever.
-Eye protection is manditory, I dont care how old you are
-Other blasters will be handled on a case-by-case basis

Dart Restrictions:
-None at this time

-If you guys want, we can make a "Shared Dart Bin" where we all can bring 25-100 darts to the war to put into the dart bin and the rest are yours to keep so we dont have to worry about not having enough darts. Also we could put extra dart sweep darts into the dart bin for the next war.
-Another idea is that for every 5th war everyone has to bring in 100-200 darts for the dart bin so we can keep darts in stock for loaner darts.

-Manta Rays and Laser Fang wings only.

-Melee hits count as barrel "taps". If your melee weapon gets shot it counts as a blaster hit.

-Pack one. There are places to eat within driving distance, not really walking distance.

Match Types:
-Deathmatch (3-15, 5-20, etc.)
-Not Deathmatch (will figure out what once I get a better idea of who will be attending)
-Whatever else we want to play

I will be hosting it for now but if I am still in Canada at the time of the war, anyone else can feel free to host this.

If we have less then 3 people attending a war, we can reschedule it or cancel it if needed.

(Once we decide a date and everything else)



Who's ready for DC Nerf Fest?