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In Topic: Maverick trouble. Help?

15 February 2013 - 10:59 PM

Honestly the the most likely solution would be glue the rotation mech in place as Dartslinger and Samurai_kidd have said making sure its only the spring loaded section, but if i were you i would truly consider just taking the turrent out and making a duo-mav as Dim3 did long ago. A twelve round Mav is much more useful than two six's.

In Topic: XB-REV-001 (Custom Nerf Gunsmithing)

05 February 2013 - 02:54 AM

If and when this project comes to fruition i would be willing to purchase a model and would love to see a direct plunger system. I love the design of this thing

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In Topic: longshot help needed

07 August 2012 - 07:01 PM

Zorn and panda- I know what innuendo means but there was no attempt at a joke here. In an effort to avoid further misunderstandings or making myself look like a bigger idiot I will simply state I own 30+ guns all of which have basics mods and five are Frankenstein projects with heavy modding, the irony in all of this is that I have never owned or modded a ls which tends to be a staple in most modders arsenal. I guess that's the joke if there is one.
Panda- Yes I meant site, my phone auto corrected it to sight, my apologies.

Finally, thank you guys for your advice ill refer to the modding directory from here on. Additionally if anyone has bolt sled re-enforcement recommendations besides those that are easily googled please message me.

In Topic: longshot help needed

03 August 2012 - 12:17 AM

Where is the irony; is "dabble" innuendo?

Consider this a soft warning: every other member here is capable of pressing shift before i.

By dabble i have ar'ed, spring replaced, and alot of other performanced modded every other elite series blaster and some older ones like the bbb but never the ls ls which is generally one of the first guns for most. I have experiance with most just not the ls. X and hammy thanks for the advice.

Hammy what sight has your recommendations?