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In Topic: Flip-up "grenade" Sight

13 December 2010 - 07:21 PM

This would be infinitely more useful on a mav-titan scatter gun or something else of the sort than any single-shot blaster.

No, it would actually be worse. Thats putting a sight on a shotgun...

No, that's like putting a sight on a grenade launcher. If you're looking for dispersion and high trajectory arcs, the closest would be a scatter gun.

Or you can continue to live your small deluded world.

I just don't get how a distance sight would be particularily helpful for a gun that disperses over distance. It wouldn't be completely useless, but it seems like a scatter gun is meant more so for close distances. Also, the sight no matter what gun it is on is not gonna be particularly helpful. The comparison I posted was a bad one, I'll admit it.

The idea is that a real grenade launcher serves the purpose of a wide-dispersion weapon, like a scattergun. The real lethal radius of a grenade is much larger than videogames would lead someone to believe. A scattergun like a mav-titan would be the closest nerf approximation of that. You'd have to jam a ton of darts in there though.

In Topic: Nerf Assassination 4: The Firm

13 October 2010 - 02:28 PM

I'm willing to bet that your videos keep getting removed because they're boring and stupid.

In Topic: Rotating The Fury Fire And Maverick Turrents Manually?

13 August 2010 - 01:14 AM

We're faced with a turgid torrent of turrents!


That said, I would think the ratcheting action exists because the designers were smart, knew their target audience, and put it there so the kiddies don't break the thing on day one when they try to spin the cylinder, but that it still isn't how it was intended to be used.

There seems to be a contradiction in there that you're missing. How sad.

In Topic: Magstrike Air Compressor Mod

16 May 2010 - 10:01 PM

We don't mind questions. We mind stupid questions.

In Topic: Magstrike Air Compressor Mod

25 April 2010 - 03:53 PM

I would be taking out the part of the magstrike that makes it an automatic--basically just having a compressor, a tank, a release valve(trigger), connected to a barrel, and (like i posted earlier) only harvest the magstrike for the shell and bladder.

Still won't work.

Blasters need a chamber of some kind, with a valve that releases a blast of air much faster than the MS trigger valve could ever hope to. Unless you think you can wield a blaster with a barrel that'll probably have to be more than six feet long, to accelerate a dart from the ridiculously SLOW release of air.

first off, thank you for not being a dick like some people on the internet. so, from my understanding, a ms trigger has a slow release rate, correct? so its simply the ms internals are all made for the use of automatic firing. but, using internals from a single shot pump gun w/ a magstrike bladder(or a bigger one, such as a titan) would work? but thanks again! :)

No. A bladder system has an inherently slow release. What you're talking about, (and you really could do with being more clear when you ask questions) has been done. As I said in my previous post, people have taken the magstrike bladder and hooked it to a 2k tank, then used the firefly shell and turret to complete the blaster.