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#357626 Scout with Hornet tank internals

Posted by Green Wing on 20 January 2017 - 01:04 AM

The goal of this mod was to keep the Scout looking as stock as possible while having decent power. 



1x Hornet tank

1x Secret Strike Pocket Blaster

1x 1/2" PVC endcap

17/32" Brass

1/4" OD Nylon Tubing

1/4" OD Vinyl Tubing


Epoxy putty


First get a single hornet tank and cut it down like this.



Take the SSPB and cut it like the following. Remove the rubber cap on the blast button. Widen the holes and attach the Nylon stubs. Make sure not to get excessive plastic shavings in the blast button. Glue with Zap-a-gap.


Now scrap all the original scout internals except the trigger and return spring. Dremel it to fit the Tank and pump. You will also need to slightly Dremel the edge lip of the outer slide to accommodate for how the tank slightly rises above the shell.


Position the pump with the slide so that you will get a full draw of the pump without pulling it out when slid all the way back. Make sure the slide also can rest fully forward. Attach vinyl tubing to the nylon stubs. You can put a spring inside to help prevent kinking. Use Zap-a-Gap.Once positioned mark the area and glue down the internals. Make sure some of the airtank is sticking out of the shell as pictured. This is for the endcap.



Next drill a hole in the SSPB pump for a pin to go through. This pin should reach through to the sides of the slide. The pin that was in the Scout should work. Using epoxy putty mold a chunk to hold the pin on both sides like how the stock priming pin worked. Lube the pin when doing this to make it removable. It is important to make the slide have this holding mold on both sides to increase strength.


Make sure the epoxy putty does not interfere with the sliding function. Here are some closeups of some of the cuts needed.



Now cut down the trigger and position the blast button. Once you get the ideal position cut the excess vinyl tubing and attach them to the blast button as shown. Use epoxy putty and Zap-a-gap to secure. This is tight fit so you will need to angle the blast button upwards to avoid kinking in the tubing. 


With the cut down trigger you have to get rid of the return spring guide so use epoxy putty/zap to secure it. Also make the base of the trigger wider with epoxy putty so the blast button is depressed more reliably. 


Cut segments of 17/32" brass and attach glue them into the original dart holders. 


Dremel the 1/2" endcap to fit the lip of the Hornet tank that is sticking out. Make sure you only glue it to the tank and the side you glued the internals to so that the blaster can be opened.






Takes 20 pumps to activate the OPRV. Hits 60'-70' flat with #6 slugs and a 6" cpvc barrel.

Video with firing demo around 1:30: https://www.youtube....h?v=JjCdDkO_3KU

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