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"silenced" Longshot

21 August 2007 - 12:07 AM

Yo, guys.

My homemade was too complex to finish before college. So what do I do? Wally World!! Two NFs and an LS later, I began my work.

Anyhoo, many hours and bud lights later, I finished a variant of TIG's LS mod, only with a 9/16" brass barrel and an internal silencer. The LS I trashed last year was of the same design, minus the suppressor, so I can confidently say this mod significantly reduces the noise of the gun.

The actual silencer sits in the bolt. The dart leaving the barrel makes no noise; the noise to be silenced is the plunger slamming home.

I am actually using MORE powerful springs in my current, silenced LS than I was in my un-silenced version, and it is STILL whisper quiet.

Pics tomorrow, sleep now. 930 Jazz rehearsal.


Bolt-action Pre-charged Pneumatic

25 July 2007 - 08:05 PM

yo, guys. I began construction today on my first homemade of note (I made a snap MK1 and a slightly modified MK1 earlier in the year. Nothing special).

It's a pre-charged pneumatic, which means you pump the main tank to a high pressure, and through some sort of actuation (pneumatic in my case), each charge of the weapon gets five or ten shots. The idea isn't new to the nerf community.

But some of the mechs in the gun are. For starters, the secondary (firing) chamber is located inside the bolt to minimize dead space. Also, the valve WILL NOT OPEN until the bolt is locked down. I'll explain soon in pics/diagrams.

1st post... I'm not privy to picture hosting. Where should I go?


Dimensions Of Crossbow Plunger Chamber

30 May 2007 - 09:23 PM

I've searched and searched, and I've come up empty. I'm building my arsenal for next year's NERF season at my school, and I want to know how my homemades' plunger chamber sizes/volumes compare to the crossbow. Dimensions, anyone?

If anyone knows the approximate plunger travel, that would be appreciated as well.