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In Topic: Get Anything Good For Xmas

25 December 2003 - 12:02 PM

i got a halo tsa hopper
Custom Products 4 piece barrel set
47/3k Nitro tank

lol thats all

In Topic: Co2 Nerf Gun

06 December 2003 - 10:47 PM

good for him
if he did it leave him alone
just send flowers
oh and i found a story about brass eagle blades::

We were out at our regular field when a 10 year old boy and his grandfather showed up. The kid had a blade. Grandpa just wanted to take the kid out for a day of fun. Well the little guy was watching everyone else, and noticed really quickly that he was not going to be able to play with his blade. So, my team felt really bad for the guys, and asked them to go and play a few games. I had an old phantom pump stock class that I went out with against little guy and his blade. Well, I got tired of standing 65 feet away and not even being threatened by the litte dude, and I figured I had to shoot him to end this torment. I thought the only good place to hit him was in the gun. It wouldn't hurt the kid, and I would feel a little better about it if I did it nicely. So, I took aim, squeezed the trigger and WHAM!!! Watched as the little dude was showered in paint and blue plastic shards! The damn thing blew up in his hand! I hit the thing right by the 12 gram, and I guess it just put too much stress on it, and it exploded. Everyone who was watching was laughing so hard, they almost pee'd in their pants. I ran to the kid to see if he was ok. He was in shock, and was going to cry. After getting him off the field, the guys on my team all coughed up $20 each, and went to the "shack" and got the kid a spyder compact. He was happy, and the Grandfather was very thankful that we showed concern.

Hell, I would d to have it on video tape! It was the funniest God damned thing that has ever happend to me! It was worth the $20 I gave the kid.

I give it a 10 due to it being the funniest event of my paintball life! thanks Brass Seagul for a once in a lifetime event!!!

In Topic: Co2 Nerf Gun

06 December 2003 - 12:22 AM

no, the co2 would do the same thing as a regular homemade, it would fill a fireing chamber. It is the same deal like a regular pump, except co2 is a sdource where you doint need to pump. Look at a paintball gun, the idea(for blow back, your standard gun) is that when you pull the trigger you release a amout of co2 that shoots the ball and blows back the bolt. I have been thinging about it.. you really can't make a home made co2 with out useing paintball gun parts. look at boltsniper, his plan calls for the bolt of a brass eagle blade. Charlie used a regulator.

In Topic: Co2 Nerf Gun

05 December 2003 - 09:11 PM

wow my old topic was dug up

In Topic: Friend's Dad's

04 December 2003 - 09:10 PM

he had a heart attack.

YOu know what really bloes about the whole thing?

he was just about to start nerfing, seriously. now that his dad is , well, it just sucks