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In Topic: PAS Plunger Rod and Priming Rod Repair

06 November 2011 - 07:52 PM

you might want to include the full name of the blaster you are modding: Ertl Pump action shotgun in your post, no just your n00bs to understand, but so other people can find your repair post

also good write up

In Topic: Nerf Quick-16 Mod

06 November 2011 - 07:03 PM

cool beans, I think sanding down the nubs to increase the capacity is the best contribution of your write up. I don't see any Q16 write ups in the mod directory, so I guess your write up would go in (of course I have no authority on that). However in the future I think the official directory should also have an AR-removal write up that should include very large and hi quality pictures, because this is a tricky blaster to mod and the placement and positioning of parts can be pretty very tricky (especially when the person you're modding it for gives it to you in pieces -_- ), and there is a lock that can be removed

Question: is the spring in the Quick 16 the same size as the typical reverse plunger spring?

that's a good question, I've modded 2 quick16s and the I don't know the diameter, but I can tell you the shape is different from most clip blasters where one end has a larger diameter, the longstrike I modded before had a similar spring shape but I don't know if the dimensions are the same

In Topic: Pressure chamber size?

02 November 2011 - 05:48 PM

I hope this topic isn't entirely dead, but pneumatics is my specialty, and if you want experts on pneumatics you may want to try spudfiles.com, anyways about your problem, observing your pictures and comments you claim that you weren't able to get much pressure, but did you actually measure the pressure with a tire pressure gauge. My geuss is that nothing is really wrong you just got the wrong expectations of how it should preform.

first off, your chamber is pretty small and the ball valve is a a very slow opening valve they generally only make loud swoosh or pop sounds if you have a large chamber, don't expect a nice pop sound or anything

second the amount volume of dead space between the barrel and the valve is large compared to your chamber volume, for testing purposes why don't you unscrew the barrel attached to the night finder and make a separate barrel that screws on directly to the valve, or duct tape it on whatever

third if you bought your pump for $8 it probably is terrible and useless

forth we can't judge your success based on the number of pumps you were able to make because different sized pumps can fill your chamber in fewer or more pumps, so make sure you tell us how big the pump is

fifth what barrel are you using? 1/2"pvc or a tight fitting barrel like 1/2"cpvc, 1/2" pvc is very loose and will only work well with high volume systems your better off with 1/2"cpvc or some other tight fitting barrel

In Topic: Night Vision For N-strike

29 January 2011 - 05:22 PM

This is literally the most retarded thing I have ever seen on these forums. That prize is now yours sir.

oh my Talio thinks this is retarded and he's a senior member of the forum, I'd better not take any interest in it then

just ask yourself, did you contribute anything to this thread. Perhaps other people don't agree with you and would just like to enjoy discussing the product at hand. If you simply wanted to state you opinion you should use the word "I". For example "I think this is bad" that is formally stating an opinion "This is bad" is just an insult. Please it's common courtesy

anyways I think this is pretty interesting, due to the limited field of view and effectiveness in these cheap night vision devices it's probably more practical to have a handheld monocular device and if you plan on using it for nerf activities it might as well be on your blaster, and the blaster can also serve as a platform for mounting more IR lights

In Topic: Spider-man 3 Foam Missile Launcher

08 December 2010 - 07:57 PM

thats disappointing, if it the plunger internals are like the xxl skeet shooter I was hoping it would have better stock internals for micro dart conversion, well I don't thing I'll be going out of my way to get one