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The Ak-47 Equivalent?

18 June 2010 - 02:06 PM

I was wondering what people think would be the ak-47 equivalent for nerf. It would have to be; easy to assemble/make, a decent rate of fire, powerful, yet cheap. This isn't supposed to be anything serious, just discussion for the sake of discussion.

Epic Location Perfect Nerfage

14 June 2010 - 12:28 AM

i live in forestburg alberta canada, our town is about a 15 minute drive from a place called big knife park. it is thee ultimate location for nerf ctf and zombie modes. in one large area there are streams trenches a large pond, a small playground, thick wooded areas, a hiking trail, and extremely large hoodoos,(big rock hills basically) but unlike most hoodoos you are allowed to climb these ones. and there are bathrooms a campsite running water, fire pits, its got everything words cant describe the awesome setting here. but anyways down to the point, i am willing to host a nerf war at this location, probably feturing teamd, ctf, zombies, and spring pistol only rounds of all the above. i am not going to host a war just yet unless i know there will be plenty of attendees(hopefully 20+). ;) post if you would be interested in coming or not.