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In Topic: March 2010 Minnesota War

05 April 2010 - 10:29 PM

+No guns breaking (except Beavers)

THAT sir, is a lie. My Longstrike broke its model cement/hot glue/PVC bandage and is still fully dead.

Anyway, now that some time's passed and my legs are no longer sore, let's add my personal highlights.

+ First war. Whoo!
- Extremely sore lower body
- Lost about a full magazine's worth of Streamlines
- My Longstrike died...again
- Realizing that most of my equipment is substandard at best compared to that of just about everyone else there.
+ Getting another Maverick
+ Chasing down someone (sorry, I'm horrible with names) with my LS and fragging him, but not before barrel-tapping someone else. (again, sorry I forgot your name.)
+ Impressing Shorts with a Maverick storm during CTF
+ Seeing someone staring me down holding their melee weapon, dropping my gun, charging him, and getting the sword kill.
- Dart pickup. Dear sweet zombie Raptor Jesus but that was a pain
++ Being called "pro" during the TDM round as I stood on a 3-inch ledge on the info center wall, steadying myself by holding onto the corner of the building, and peeking out around said corner
++ Chasing yet ANOTHER fellow Nerfer (jeez, I really suck at this.),running out of ammo just as we passed the table where I'd left my equipment, dropping my current gun, spinning to dodge a shot from somebody else, grabbing my sword, continuing the chase, overbalancing myself, falling forward, rolling, taking a swing at my target's leg (don't remember if I actually got you or not), overbalancing because of the swing, and accidentally dodging yet another shot by doing a one-armed handstand to re-balance myself
+ Being called "ninja" immediately following the above event
- Failing to actually regain my balance with the handstand, falling on my rear, and getting fragged as a result
+ Dodging a rather high percentage of the shots taken at me
- Realizing during Carpe Testiculum that my Rapid-Fire, due to its high jam rate, kills my ammo
- Finding out that while having your gun get shot counts as a kill because with real guns it would be unusable, one can't get around this by carrying multiple weapons. That really doesn't make sense.

All in all, a good time.

In Topic: March 2010 Minnesota War

27 March 2010 - 10:00 PM

I've got one thing to say after all this...


In Topic: March 2010 Minnesota War

26 March 2010 - 11:58 AM

I'll be there for sure.

In Topic: What Got You Started Nerfing?

05 March 2010 - 12:59 PM

I used to have an Eagle Eye when I was a pup. Thought the red dot was the coolest thing in the world. Also had a crossbow-type deal, can't remember what it looked like, but it was basically the forerunner of the BBB.

About 15 years pass and I'm an avid CS:S player. For Halloween, I decide to dress up as a Counter-Terrorist. So I go out and, on a whim, decide to check out the Nerf aisle at wal-mart. There, I got my first current blaster: a Buzzbee Rapidfire. I took it home and wasted no time painting it a military black (save for the tip; Ashland's Halloween streets usually have cops standing by).

Later, I notice the Longshot on the shelves. I'm really into loser rifles, so I pick it up, along with some extra ammo. I take it home and get it out of the box (quickly taking the snaps off the front gun, so that I can remove the pistolgrip by taking out the 1x2 lego piece I have wedged in there). I decided I wanted to paint it, so I went online to get ideas. I stumbled here, and found out just how much the LS sucks out of the box. I decide that this is a place for me, sign up, and mod my LS.

Now I've got my rapidfire, my LS, a Recon, a Doubleshot, a Marauder longsword, and I recently aquired a Longstrike, which I plan on modding VERY soon.

In Topic: March 2010 Minnesota War

19 February 2010 - 01:08 PM

I'd love to come, but I need to ask my folks for a ride up, so I'd be a maybe.