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Singled, Shortend Titan

14 February 2010 - 02:20 PM

This is my Singled Titan, at the Front Posted Image
Its your normal Barrel, Its a 1in (Or 1/2in) Copper Barrel, With CPVC (Or PVC) Pipe covering it and adding a better Seal. And at the back is a Thick, Long rubber tube(And it isnt Hot Glued)
Posted Image

I simply took out the useless Pressure Gauge, Sealed the tube going to it, Moved the Pump to the side for Convenient Pumping. And I also Removed the useless Giant Pump from the back, and I also removed one of the "handles" from the front, so it is more Pistol like, but still is one of the most powerfull guns made by nerf. (Or any off-brand. Not including the custom ones)

Sorry again for Fuzzy pictures.

Re: Fury Fire Manta

14 February 2010 - 12:51 PM

Last time when I made this post I didnt add Pictures, I am adding them here. Posted Image
Front look at the gun( By the Way I was adding on as I went, this picture came before the following)
Posted Image
Priming Handle, very Comfy.

To do this mod you simply must do the following:

Cut off the handles off. (Where is up too you)

Remove the AR's. (You wont want to open this again)

Get any kind of tubing for the Priming bar and attach it where you wish.

Re-enforce the Catch, Spring, Trigger. (So you wont need too fix it later)

Glue(Or tape) Them together and Wala! You have a Fury Fire Manta!

Sorry for fuzzy pictures, and a bad write-up. Hope you like it, if you want more pictures just ask(No internal pic's, its all stock.)

Furyfire Manta

24 January 2010 - 06:46 PM

After having Two FuryFire's lying around in my attic (Which is where my arsenal is) I decided to finally do some thing with them, I decided, "Hey, I like manta's, and I got Two FuryFire's, why not make a manta?" So thats what I did.

I simply cut off the handles, at a certain spot and then Hot Glued(No epoxy :cry: ) And glued/taped a PVC pipe to both pumps so it primes both gun. I also added a extra spring to the one generally at the bottom. Max range of top is 20-30, max of bottom is 30-40.

My Friend t2heavy will post pic's.

Mississippi Nerf

11 January 2010 - 09:38 PM

I was wondering, here in Good ol' MS, if there were any other nerfer's ,other then me and my friend, there apears to be only 3 year old kids. So if you Nerf, and live in Mississippi, please reply and maybe we can setup a war some time.