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Ls Dart Peg Removal

14 June 2009 - 10:11 AM

Well, I need my LS to fire stefans and so I want to take the post out, but how do I do it? I searched and the mods I found weren't detailed on it and the people who asked similar questions got crypticish answers (I am a picture person). I am assuming I could either, A, take a drill and drill out the peg from behind, but do I leave the peices that hold it in place? B, take a knife and cut the sides of the things that hold the peg right next to the peg, or lastly just straight cut the peg and the things that hold it up out?
This summarizes the methods I am wondering about.
Posted Image

Highcap Help

04 June 2009 - 03:48 PM

Umm the otherday I built a highcap magazine for my longshot using Captain Slug's writeup and now for some reason I get maybe 20 feet from my longshot and it occaisonally doesn't fire and it jams more. The only previous "mods" I did were the AR removal, taking out priming indicator and bipod. I am using 3/8" long 10-32 metal screws. The slider is not jamming in the clip and I don't think its the magazine. I was hitting 70 regularly angled with my converted streamlines before I made the highcap. If I muzzle load darts it has the old range. Sometimes when I try to cock it the bolt doesn't close all the way without excessive force and then it misfires anyway. Has anyone experienced this? If so can you tell me a solution?
I have yet to take pictures of the actual gun.
The clip:
Top view with slider and spring in:
All the parts:
The spring:
The top view without slider or spring: