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Another Claymore Writeup

09 May 2009 - 07:36 PM

1 6" to 8" piece of 1/2" pvc
1 1/2" pvc
1 strong spring 4" to 5" long that fits in the 1/2" pvc
1 washer that is not smaller than the spring and not bigger than the id of the pvc(for me it was a #8 washer)
1 3" to 4" of coat hanger

Step 1
Drill a hole about 1/4" higher than the length of your spring completely compressed up the tube.
Posted Image

Step 2
Hot glue the washer onto one end of the spring.
Posted Image

Step 3
Hot glue the end of the spring that DOES NOT have the washer hot glued on it to the 1/2" pvc end cap.
See Picture from Step 2

Step 4
Bend one end of the coat hanger into a loop for the string/fishing line to attach to.
Posted Image

Step 5
When I assemble it I put the bent coat hanger through the pvc and push the end cap with the spring attached onto the pvc. Then I load the darts.

Finished Product
Posted Image
Posted Image

The darts are six 3/4" stefans.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Here is a video of it
Posted Image

I made this guide because the one posted previously was not very clear and I thought everyone should make some of these. These can be made bigger to make more room for darts as long as you can find a spring proportional to the length/diameter of the tube.

Sorry about the quality of the pics/video the vid was made my messed up digital camera and i had to use my phone to take the still pics because my camera could not take a clean picture.

ps if you want to make them able to stick in the ground, before you glue the spring in the end cap drill 1 to 2 holes to stick nails through the cap and then glue the spring in. also if you have trouble pulling the pin with a tug, before you set the line pull the pin about half way out.

Have FUN!