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Angel Breech Question

19 June 2009 - 12:16 PM

Question regarding the Angel Breech.

I noticed that he is using 19/32" on the barrel that comes out of the gun and the dart gets shoved into. If I have been using 17/32" for my darts would I need to use 17/32" on the barrel of the angel breech? Or do the tightening rings actually adress something like that?

Bbbb : Lerazor Variant

04 June 2009 - 01:14 PM

Hello All,

Here is a mod I did on a Buzz Bee Big Blast. After looking at the different mods and searching through the forums on what others did, I thought I could take a great idea and put a little spin on it.

Here goes...

Ingredients :
Amazing Goop
Utility Knife
Small Phillips ScrewDriver
12" 17/23" K&S Brass

1. Use your screw driver to remove all the screws of your BBBB. Use the screw driver to pry the red/orange ring off the front of the gun. I found that prying it bit by bit that the glue broke easily and it came off without breaking. Try to be patient with it.

You should see the following. (Please note some of these pics occur after the mod is complete.)

Posted Image

2. Remove the internals and then pull out the pump arm on the back. Take a small screw and put it in the plunger head, Then apply Goop generously on the head of the pump head. Please note in the picture below, the screw is where the red circle is and I also made sure to put some eextra goop where the Red Squares are.

Posted Image

3. While the pump dries, you will want to start modding the rest of the internals. Pull out the rest of the internals and cut off the firing side pipe about 1 1/2 inches below the end. The firing side is the one with the orange cap on it. See Below. Save the cut piece as we will use it later.

Posted Image

4. Use your utility knife to clean up the edges of your cut and make sure its nce and smooth.

5. Tape up the following sections of the gun as shown below. This will keep the gun tight in the chassis when we reassemble. You can also put some tape around the white hard bladder if you want...for a better fit.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Now Re-assebmle the rifle.
6. Take your 12" of brass and put a spiral tape job on it, use two layers so the barrel will fit tightly.

See Below

Posted Image

That's it!! Just load the barrel from the taped side, slide it into the barrell pump and fire. Please see the sequence below to see how easy it is, and the last picture of some carboard we used for testing. Mod Man Darts went through the cardboard, and put a 1/16" dent in the metal cabinet behind it.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image

Rememeber that little piece of plastice we cut off earlier? Well if you cut off the orange cap, put some tape on the other end of the barell you can fit it to also fire the rockets.

Posted Image

You can also mod the rockets with some nerf balls,
Posted Image

I am still working on the designs for the rockets, middle rocket went 45 feet.

Rangs with front loading of Mod Man Darts , 50-60 feet. Rear loading was well over 200 feet...with 15 pumps.

Gun To Mod?

01 June 2009 - 10:11 AM

Hi folks,

Was wondering if anyone had some good ideas on the best gun to use for a long range single loader that was not a pain to reload or re prime for shooting.

Anything ideas would be much appreciated.

Nerf Rapid Fire 20 Single Shot?

27 May 2009 - 02:52 PM

Ok, so I got this RF20 from Amazon, and first thing that happened, the pump broke.

So I replaced the pump with a Bike Pump. Worked great for about a day.

Then the washer in the piston broke. I tried as hard as I could but couldn't find a replacement or an alternative.

So I did the next best thing, I tried turning it into a single shot gun. I cut off the pison mechanism, and have just the spring part left with a wide open hole to the air flow.

My only problem is that the power is very weak. Any ideas on what I can do to mod this out to make a powerful single shot gun?

Should I pull the piston off completely and run a Brass tube down to the actual air flow? Does the remnants of the plunger cause a loss of air?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Magstrike Bladder Banding

15 May 2009 - 11:53 AM

I was looking at the 2nd magstrike in my collection, one I purchased just for the clip.

Would it be feasable to remove the bladder and then place that over the 1st Magstrike?

And if I did so, would I be increasing range? Or would this just increase the ability to shoot more darts?

Any thoughts?