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What To Put My Titan Tank In

30 June 2009 - 07:23 PM

I was minimizing my titan and didn't have enough tubing to run from the bottom of the gun to the tank. However I have a maverick shell. If I use this I have enough tubing. I was going to use the maverick shell but was woried about the exposed tank. I am an extreme cluts and drop guns a lot. Does anyone know how strong a titan's tank is? If it is strong enough I will just go with the maverick shell.

Buzzbee Rocks!

24 June 2009 - 12:53 AM

:D I know what your thinking. Buzzbee does not rock, but this gun sure does! :D
So here it is. http://www.buzzbeeto...ters/28900.html I searched for this and didn't find anything about it. I was wondering if this is old and they don't sell them anymore or if this is new and isn't being sold yet. It looks like a big blast with a rapid fire 20 integrated. If this is nearly as powerful as a big blast it might have some potential.

Edit: Just checked ebay and amazon with no luck in finding one. I guess there new so as soon as these hit shelves I am getting one.

Dtb Broken Plunger

06 June 2009 - 05:02 AM

Well this is my attempt at a first post. I'm hoping I don't get banned for asking a noob question.OK so yesterday I was having a nerf war because I had just finished my CPVCed Big Salvo. I was kicking butt when my dad comes up to me and starts going on about how his DTB wasn't firing. I thought, well I'll go get him a different gun and fix the DTB later. So after the war I opened the gun and was pretty shocked. I had never seen anything like this. The plunger snapped right in half. I am unable to post pictures because I just woke up and it's 5:50. I guess I'll just try to draw it.
|\__________________________ __________________________
|/------------------------------- \------------------------------

The weird thing is is that it snapped in half right on the catch. I'll try to glue it with some loctite epoxy because thats what I have. So I guess all I am asking is what should I try to use to connect the two pieces or should I just scrap it and make my dad buy me a new gun of around the same price.(sorry for the run on sentence) If I just scrap it what would be a good war worthy gun. Sorry if someones already come up with a fix for this. I searched and didn't find one. Unless you count finding how to fix a broken PAS plunger with blurry images as a fix.