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In Topic: Megaman Nt Warrior Megabuster

26 June 2008 - 08:51 PM

I've heard of this. I did not know they were still selling them though...The Megaman NT Warrior TV show was canceled a good while ago.

It looks useless. Are the darts even made of foam? They look like they are made of plastic to me.

All that aside, I might buy one simply because I'm a Megaman freak.

In Topic: The Other Nerfwiki

23 June 2008 - 10:46 PM

Its actually Aguineapig...But whatever.

Since NM is obviously blocking me. I'll just post it here.

Hey NerfMonkey,

What I said was wrong, I completely regret saying it. I don't hate anyone, I was just angry and said some things I should not have. I'm sorry. I would also like to say the second wiki was not my idea, someone set that up without telling me. And it certainly WAS not my idea to post it here. If you think my site sucks, thats fine by me just don't go there. Its a free country.

I do really hate other people being mad at me though, so please forgive me. I would also like to say, that not all of that post was directed at YOU personally. I was just stating my overall displeasure. Its just annoying to see my hard work dissed on so brutally. Its freaking annoying as a matter of fact. I'm ready to drop this right now. I'm glad you PM'ed me because I was about too. If you have any further comments please post them.

Thanks, if you read this.

In Topic: The Other Nerfwiki

23 June 2008 - 12:55 PM

:blink: Whatever, lets just drop it.

If you think the site sucks, don't visit it. :D

In Topic: The Other Nerfwiki

23 June 2008 - 12:27 PM


I vote we all start spamming foamfighters chat box and post pictures of naked men on their forums. Because that's really the only way we can settle this dispute.

Haha, Now who is childish? Not like that is hard to stop.

I do apologize, I did um, say some things I should not have said. I was just fired up is all...I'm sorry.

I don't really hate NM, but I have met a handful or so that have.

I'm not saying not to have it, just stop advertising it here.

I agree with that statement, I never did that. Some of our members however, did.

In Topic: The Other Nerfwiki

23 June 2008 - 10:39 AM

That pretty much sums it up.

Frankly I'm tired of seeing links to foam universe in people's signatures and people begging others to go there. I don't understand why foam universe exists in the first place other than as a place for people that got banned here to go and fuck around, and NHQ already fills that role quite nicely. Everything that gets posted on foam universe gets posted here, and old things that were already posted here get posted at foam universe months later even though everyone in the community has already seen them. I also don't like that the majority of people that frequent both foam universe and NerfHaven usually say things like "we need new members" and "pay a visit to foam universe, it's not that bad." Both of these are reason enough to never visit the site.

That's about all I wanted to say, sorry to be a dick, but I'm really sick of hearing about foam universe and their bad ideas.

Frankly, now I know why 99.9% of nerfers hate you NM. I can see why Monkey is in your name, because thats obviously the brain capacity that you possess. My point in making Foam Universe was to make a friendlier Nerf forum, that pompous MODs wont ban you for putting mustard of your sandwich. Nerfhaven is rough place, full some(not all) of meanest people I know. I know yinz will probably ban me for this, but then again, that would just enforce my point wouldn't it? I'm not known for flying off the handle about things, but I'm sick of people dissing on something that I and BJ have worked hard to make!

If you want to, go ahead ban me, and prove my point. I have ways of coming back. Many ways, in fact.