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Lock 'n Load Catch dimensions

21 October 2011 - 12:40 PM

A friend of mine has a 3D printer and said he would print me out a new LnL catch to replace my broken one. To make the catch, we'd need to model it first, and that requires reference pictures. I've searched everywhere and haven't been able to find a clear picture of a LnL catch. Would someone be able to point me in the direction of such (a) picture(s)? Or, if someone is really willing to help me out, take out your catch and take a picture of it next to a ruler for size reference (preferably from multiple angles). We were also looking into including spots for reinforcement so that it doesn't break in the future. If this thing works out well, we may even sell some, if people are interested. (They would be very cheap. Mostly S&H, really.)

Please help me out!

(PS The reason I can't use my own broken catch for reference is because I lost some of the broken pieces in transit.)