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It cut off part of your message, but I got the gist. Sorry about the closed topic. Just trying to set a bit of a hard line after the forum restart. Also, it's never to late to come to Apoc. Keep in mind, I've no idea where you live.
Apr 20 2011 07:01 AM
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    Sep 01 2017 04:58 PM


Vacc I understand completely. I'm not selling anything but I know NH isn't a care bare site. Cool with me you always were a hard ass but I just wanted to share some of my new interest with a community that has inspired it. I, Ragornocs and the other ncn always hated never getting to hang out with the true blue of the community at a real war but as a kid growing up y'all were my virt...
Apr 19 2011 10:36 AM