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11 January 2009 - 11:17 AM

I use this spring: 9637K26 (McMaster part #).
Its a beast. Its more powerful than the AR-15 spring. You get 5 for $10. Each spring is 11" long.

YOu were not kidding that it's a beast! ! You said you used this in a Long Shot? I"m modifying a Recon CS-6 and i'm making some of my own "new" modfications to it, but taking the idea from DeceitfulSteve who used an AR-15 Spring for his mod of the Recon CS-6 (see: Adding Another Spring To The Recon, And a reason to use the stock)

I'm wondering if now I should use the AR-15 Spring (need to buy one if so) instead of the one quoted above. I'm concerned because I need to compress it by 5.5" instad of the original 3.25" as it is now. I'm expanding the air resevior and so the orange piece (what I call the Breach Block) will slide back 5.5" instead of the 3.25", so the spring needs to expand by 5.5". The 11" spring is plenty long, but will it compress enough without breaking any plastic pieces



In Topic: Adding Another Spring To The Recon

11 January 2009 - 11:06 AM

What is the wire size of the AR-15 Spring you are using for this Mod? I'm moding a Recon slightly different and I purchased a spring: #9637K26 from McMaster part, from another thread (Spring Criteria?) and this spring seems very stiff to do the job. I'm wondering if I should buy an AR-15 Spring instead of what I bought.

OR should I try finding a "lighter" spring. With the modification I am doing, I am increasing the distance the "breech block" (or what I am calling the breach block, the orange internal piece that slides back and forth) slides back, thereby increasing the amount of air in the chamber (which I am also replacing) so instead of the original 3.25" it slides back, it will slide back a total of about 5.5". So the spring needs to expand to push it forward that distance. I'm debating if the Spring I have now, or even an AR-15 Spring will be too difficult to compress that much and if I should try finding a smaller dia. wire size spring.

Does anyone know of a spring that would be say 6 or 7" when fully expanded to push a distance of 5.5" after being in its' compressed position?

Thanks very much!


In Topic: Nerf Cs-6 Recon Barrel Volume Vs "bladder" Volume

21 December 2008 - 06:18 PM

>>>>Even with an angel breach you're not going to get darts to vacuum load.

I'm not looking to use the Vacuum to load the darts. I'm concerned about a vacuum forming in the barrel while it is being fired if the volume of air needed to push it out of hte barrel is less than the supply of air being provided by he plunger, thereby possibly reducing the effective range of the weapon. Tho by increasing the size of the bladder/plunger, I hope to elimiate this possible problem, but i'm not sure how well that is going to work so i'm trying to plan for all options here.

Nice paint job BTW on that CS-6 Recon!

In Topic: Nerf Cs-6 Recon Barrel Volume Vs "bladder" Volume

21 December 2008 - 02:28 PM

You do not want to put anything in the faux barrel attachement. It does not seal with the bolt and so anything in it will only contribut to the friction acting on the dart, not the barrel length.

I intend on modifying the bolt so that there is a tight seal (including the use of O Rings) between the bolt and the new liner of the barrel. Also, with the introduction of a inner tube inside the existing one that is the bolt, I will be able to actually extend the length of the bolt, thereby being able to increase the size of the air bladder so that there is even more air available to force the dart out of the barrel, hopefully increasing range. I know it's a "long shot" but i think worth the attempt! I will report on it's progress when there is some. Right now I need to order cutting bits for a laythe to turn down a piece of PVC pipe.

In Topic: Nerf Cs-6 Recon Barrel Volume Vs "bladder" Volume

21 December 2008 - 03:56 AM

>>>If you mean the barrel accessory, it isn't really a barrel. It is a worthless tube that if anything decreases the range because the dart bounces against the sides.

That is why I am inserting the CPVC pipe so that it acts more like a barrel, hence the reason why I am asking about air volume.

>>>You don't need to deal with a vacuum in the plunger tube until you have a good seal with the plunger head and some other parts. This doesn't happen in recons unless you made an angel breach and sealed it all up.

That's the plan. The piece that slides back and forth (I will call it the bolt - but if i should call it something else please correct me. I've been moding nerf guns for years, but never learned the proper terminology of the various parts of the gun) instead of the dart being seated in that tube that slides, I am filling that tube so that as you slide the bolt forward it pushes the dart forward into the "new" barrel. Not sure how well it will work, but if successful, i wil ltry to post it here.

>>>The ideal barrel legnth depends on more than the volume of air going through it. I think boltsniper made a guide, but I haven't seen it.

I thought I saw something concernign this in the past somewhere, but I can't find it! *sigh* IF anyone has a link to it, I would greatly apprecaite it. I will continue try finding it using the search engine but i'm lousy at using it. Maybe i am putting in too many criteria to search. Oh well.

>>>I don't know how this looks like any blaster used by stormtroopers. It looks nothing like the BlasTech E-11 which is the most common. Maybe the DLT-20A but that is quite a stretch.

You are correct, up close it doesn't look anything like it. But from say 20-30' away it sort of does. OK, I admit, it's a stretch, i'll admit! guilty as charged! :-X