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Break Long Shot

06 February 2010 - 08:48 PM

The finished product. (new paint job)
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What you need

-4x 8" peaces of cpvc(for stock)
-2x 2 1/2" of cpvc
-4" long block of wood
-6" of 1"(id) pvc
-1" of pipe with an id of 3/4"
-a cpvc coupler
-nut and bolt
-3" of cpvc
-4" of cpvc
-5" of card board tube(found on brass coat hangers)

-Remove priming handle and stock
Posted Image

-Cut stock breach off
Posted Image

-glue 4" of cpvc over coat hanger rod
-glue that into the hole on back of the plunger rod
Posted Image

-Drill a hole in the back of the cpvc and attach nut and bolt
-glue cpvc coupler onto the front of the plunger
(no pics)

-attach the 4x 8" lengths
-glue the 1" pvc to them
Posted Image

-glue the 3/4 id pipe horizontally under the plunger
-place 3"of cpvc in that
-glue the 2 1/2" lengths at right angles form the 3" peace
-Place your desired barrel in the coupler
-glue the block of wood under your barrel
-attach the block to cpvc "branches"
-apply tactical rail if wanted
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Posted Image
Posted Image

so there ya are