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In Topic: Mech Tommy 20 Air Zone Blaster By Buzz Bee Toys

09 September 2006 - 10:23 PM

This gun looks preety cool,but like these guys said,its not that great.

I would suggest that anyone who thinks the Buzz Bee Tommy Mech 20 gun is bad, first go out and buy one and try it for yourself. Most of the people here have only heard it was bad second hand. Put some good high drain batteries in it, spray paint it black and you just might have an awesome gun on your hands.

The shut off switch for the motor is easy to access and the motor turns on real quickly. You could easly surpirse someone with the Mech 20's massive fire power and speed if they've never seen one but only heard it was bad.

In Topic: Mech Tommy 20 Air Zone Blaster By Buzz Bee Toys

05 September 2006 - 05:37 PM

You all might be right who prefer a Power Clip or a modified Magstrike to the Tommy Mech 20 but I still think that most of you are wrong to disparage it as worthless. A good Tommy Mech 20 performs at a very high level and some creative nerfers could come up with some great ways to utilize its pump-free power. The one I've seen got 40' flat. Ok so that's 5' less than a Power Clip. That's still pretty good for a semi-auto with 20 shots. Granted the one I saw could have been a freak occurace since people say they've seen ones only getting 20' ranges but if someone could get a hold of some good ones just think. Rushing an enemy position with two Mech 20's, gives you 40 shots as fast as you can pull the trigger at a 40 foot range--No need to stop and reload clips! I bet someone could figure out a way to minimize its weaknesses.

Responding to NerfMonkey's charges:

The Tommy 20 makes a humming noise even when you're NOT firing,

That is not necessarily true. There is an easy access shut off switch on the side of the gun to turn off the motor. If you keep it off until you are in firing distance, it only takes a quick second to put it into firing mode. The hum of the engine is still pretty quiet compared to the sound of a Nerf automatic firing.

In Topic: Mech Tommy 20 Air Zone Blaster By Buzz Bee Toys

05 September 2006 - 01:44 PM

this gun is a 20-shot automatic that does not require pumping, it is battery operated. does anyone know if this gun is actually as powerful as the rf20, magstrike, or pc? if it is this gun is probably the best automatic yet. if any one has info regarding it, please respond. thanks!

I my opinion the Buzz Bee Tommy Mech 20 is as at least as powerful or more powerful than the Nerf automatics. From what I've seen from a good Mech 20, it's range is up there with the Power Clip or modified Magstrike. It's noise level with the battery powered engine is quieter than a Wildfire, Magstrike or Rapid Fire 20 when they are fireing. Also the fact that you never need to pump it gives it a useful advantage over the others. Its only drawback is that it is only semi-automatic. This is compensated for by the fact that the Mech 20 combines accuracy with speed as it unleashes its massive pay load. It may be an exageration that it would change the battlefield as I said in an earlier post but it deserves as much credit as the nerf automatics.

In Topic: Mech Tommy 20 Air Zone Blaster By Buzz Bee Toys

05 September 2006 - 09:25 AM

The gun is complete garbage, just like every other motorized gun made by Buzz-Bee. It barely shoots 20 feet and the only mod I saw involved cracking it open and placing inside it 2 different store bought motors, but that also involved changing the power supply and altering the casing of the gun to encompass the larger motors. AFter he was done, the darts flew about 40 feet, but if he didn't squeeze the trigger fully on each shot, the motors would rip the tip off of the darts. I bought one solely for my collection, but it is staying in the box. No need to open it.

The Tommy Mech 20 by Buzz Bee is actually MUCH better than you all realize. I've seen one unmodified shot 40' dead on for every single of it's 20 shots. It was scary! You can fire it so fast and precise and not waste your ammo like a rapid fire and no pumping. If you get a good one this thing could change the battlefied in most nerf wars.

In Topic: Magstrike Questions

04 September 2006 - 02:44 PM

Ok let me clarify. I havnt been around lately so I am just now getting to this so...

I never said it did have a leak. Nor did I say it has this problem. I was expressing my concern that that could possibly happen.

It happened to me. :blink:

I just modified my Magstrike by placing a hose clamp on the end of the air bladder in order to fix a slow leak (tank empties after 15-20 minutes). It has failed to fix the problem. I put the gun under water and can't find out where the leak is. My magstrike works great besides that leak since it gets a 30'-45' range at a slight arc, it fires 17 darts on 28 pumps, and the clip hardly ever slides down.

I'm new to modifying nerf guns. Can some experienced nerf modifier tell me how to find and fix leaks.

Also my Rapid Fire 20 and my Wildfire both recently started emptying after a minute or so. I found the leak on the Wildfire. The air comes out the pump shaft by the handle. HELP!