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Stampede, Bolt Return Spring

20 August 2011 - 08:35 AM


Did a voltage mod on my stampede, now it's exhibitting the "runaway" behaviour. Have openned it up and done a little trouble shooting. Problem seems to be the Black bolt return spring that can be seen through the plastic window on the side. diameter is a bit larger than a recon's breech.

Would a recon's spring work?

Just need a few suggestions on where I can get a spring to make my blaster work properly again. I ask largely because thisspring is not included in any of the spring upgrade kits i've seen floating around.

Threw what i think is a scout mainspring in there, it helped, but hasn't actualyl solved teh problem. It now fires short bursts of irregular length on a single trigger pull. looks like i'm just goign to have to drop down to 12 volts.