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In Topic: Homemade Ls Clip

14 August 2006 - 02:32 PM

Well, the best s niper ammo IMO is still the vortex rings, but we see how well supplied *those* are. At least we can make our own streamline darts.

I've discovered you can in fact put 7 darts into the stock LS clips instead of the 6 it officially supports. Even with 7 in there though, there seems to be a lost of wasted space in the bottom of the clip taken up by the feeder platform. Makes me wonder if that could be trimmed down some to fit another dart or two.

- and that thing with the board turning s niper into loser is annoying as hell. Sombodys personal bias should not be encorced as a forum rule.

In Topic: Teflon As A Modding Material?

13 August 2006 - 11:30 PM

Uh, no. Coating the darts with teflon was a joke (in poor taste) reference to coating bullets in teflon which makes them armor piercing.

Coating nerf darts in teflon, assuming molten teflon did not in fact destroy the dart, would be useless as the now very slick dart would have next to no resistance in the barrel. This means no air pressure would build up behind it and your range and power (thankfully, with a teflon dart) would be crap.

On the other claw, some way to make the front half of the longshots streamline darts slicker might be a good thing. Reduced friction through that barrel would be a benefit. I still wouldnt advise teflon though :(

In Topic: Teflon As A Modding Material?

12 August 2006 - 09:04 AM

Well heres what I did for the NF. I took off the stock o ring, then began winding the teflon string where the o ring was. I ended up with 3 wraps total all wedged in there tight against one another, like a split ring keychain. The teflon forms so well there was no gaps at all, so long as you wrap it tight and cut the length right, which means cutting it when you are done wrapping and trimming as needed to get the loose end wedged in tight.

Then I took another length of the string and used my screwdriver like a rolling pin to flatten it into a thin strip and wrapped this once around the plunger head, making a second layer directly over the 3 wraps. Its easier to measure for length after you flatten the string since it will get longer as you flatten it.

Getting the plunger head into the NF cylinder was a trick because the cylinder has a kind of lip around the back. I had to work around the edge a few times using my fingernails to shove the teflon under the lip but with some patience, you can get it in there. The end result is a gasket that will not budge or bounce around like an o ring will, and forms itself to the cylinder wall.. The seal has performed very well as far as I can see and since I had to compress the second layer a bit to get it in there, I assume it will expand to form an even better seal. I have not noticed any slowdown on the plunger from this, as Pineapple pointed out teflon is wonderfully slick stuff.

I'd love to see some of the more experienced modders who already have custom barrels and the like give this a go and post some results! I'm still a modding newbie so my results probably wouldnt reflect what is really possible.

In Topic: Nf Mod, What Did I Do Wrong?

11 August 2006 - 07:16 PM

Indeed, there is an Ace right up the street from me and I now have a #49 in my NF. It throws the streamlines from my longshot QUITE far. My only issues with Ace was that I couldnt find any sizes on the O rings. (NF uses 1", LS uses 1 3/8"), and that they dont have a good spring for the LS!

In Topic: Sharpshooting Ladder Attachment

11 August 2006 - 07:12 PM

Archery sights follow this exact concept and can be found in most sporting goods stores. No sharp ends on it either!