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Longshot Brass Breech

22 October 2006 - 08:13 PM

I recently received a Longshot for my birthday, and began modding it as soon as I could. I basically did The Inventor Guy's mod, but instead of a foam seal I did a nested brass breech- a half-section of 17/32 and a 9/16 barrel. This results in a almost perfect seal, and gives you the nested brass effect. Using the funky hot-glue seal and the stock spring, I got ranges a little under that of my angels BBB. I am not going to post ranges, because I recently discovered that bbs do not give you an adequate weight for stefans, so none of my ranges are good :unsure: . So if anyone asks "how are those ranges" or anything like that, they have been skimming... I am hoping to get some o-rings soon, and I will post the improvements.

The breech consists of a half section of 17/32 brass a bit longer than the length of my darts and a full section of 17/32 that completes the seal. The darts in the clip are pushed into the half section and then the bolt is slid forward so the half section goes completely in the 9/16 barrel and into the full part of the 17/32, giving it a good seal. The dart does not go into the full part of the 17/32, but it could if you took the trouble to make the edge perfect. (right now mine is bowing in) Make sure that at least a bit of the half section is in the barrel when the bolt is all the way back to avoid unnecessary jams. Oncce you clear the hole where the dart used to get pushed in you can just stick the 17/32 in there about an inch, and add some epoxy, not hot glue, around it.

This system is not completely reliable, but it works fine unless you push in the bolt really fast, then the dart sometimes gets pinched in the breech, and it is obvious when it is. This is pretty complicated to operate, because it stumped all my friends at the war... there are many things you can do wrong... :blink:

Don't hesitate to ask any questions, usually I can get on the computer at school for about 10 minutes a day, so expect answers around 7:00am and anytime on weekends. I have no time after school, but I hope to get better pictures next weekend.

Do you spell it Breech or Breach? I'm not exactly sure... Edit: Got It! Thanks Lizard Messiah!

Anyway, on to the Pictures...

View from where the sliding door would be. I left it out so I could always see what this thing was doing.
Posted Image

Dart in open breach. View from magazine well.
Posted Image

Open Breach. View from magazine well.
Posted Image

Breach halfway closed, view from magazine well. Dart in breach.
Posted Image

The pictures are big, I know, and there are a lot of them. If these is anything I did not make clear please tell me. Any comments are welcome.

Am I the first to do a brass breach on the LS? That is pretty cool...

Hope you liked it,

-Veg :D (Nerf always puts me in a good mood)

Michigan Nerf War

24 September 2006 - 05:14 PM

Extremely sorry. Parents shot the war down. Last post explains how it SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

AS SOON AS I CAN, (may be when I'm 16 :) ) I WILL REALLY DO THIS.

Don't delete this thread, because there's some awesome nerfing advice later on.

-Veg :( :unsure: :angry:

Neat Dart Holder

28 August 2006 - 11:44 AM

I've got this stuff called ROKENBOK, and it is an RC -construction system toy. It uses these little beams and connectors that snap on and off quite nicely. One day I thought " This must have a use for nerf!" After a little experiment, I came up with this...

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

If you epoxy the connectors onto the gun, you have an interchangeble clip- like system. There are curved pieces, short pieces, straight pieces.... You can even make a ammo belt out of 4 curved pieces and and however many straight pieces.

This fits micro stefans nicely (mine have a nice sliding fit in 9/16 brass) and taggers perfectly. More info on buying at Rokenbok.com.

Edit: typing mistakes...

Hope you like it,

KLM, a.k.a. TheVeg