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Raider Internal Pics

19 June 2009 - 07:38 PM

I recently got my hands on a raider I dont want to open the gun up till it ages a bit so I would like to see a picture of the internals for future reference.

Thanks in advance.

The World Is Yours

10 April 2009 - 09:58 PM

Feel free to make corrections.

The world is yours...

If someone asked Johnathan what life ment, he would reply (Depends how you live.). How he lived... Was much less living and more sining. In the position he lived in presently.
Was more or less Hell. He moved constantly from city to city to avoid the law. The reason why. Hes has commited seven snipings, three assaults on officers and planted six bombs
wich two are yet to be detonated. Il give you a hint on where they are placed... New York, Old York. Whilst driving on the 401 high-way in a classic Shelby G.T.500. With a 429 with a blower popping out of the hood. Johnathtan made his way into the city.He arrives on Burnaby street 30 minutes later. To find it empty. That Street used to be
as packed as ummmm.... Something that is realy packed. He parks in the parking lot of his apartement. He passes threw the door of the lobby. know one was there. He takes the
elevator to the 12th floor. He unlocks the door to his apartement to find a S.W.A.T team of twelve. Seven with MP5s three with M4a1s two with Tazer loaded shotguns. Johnathan
draws to gold constructed Glock 19s and begins to fire at full auto. He runs down the fire exit stairs. He reaches the lobby. He smashes threw the glass doors. And makes his way to
the Shelby. He starts the car and drives threw the main gate.

He continues threw the streets of Toronto yet to find a highway leading out of the city all off the suddon Johnathan hears the distinct sound of a Barret .50 caliber. He spots
a large shadow on the ground. It seemed to be in the shape of a helicopter. He opens the glove conpartement and grabs a frag grenade. He opens the window removes the pin then
launches it straight up into the air. He looks back on to the road, the shadow was gone. For some reason the cops stopped chasing him.He found the 427 high-way and began to
drive to New York after one hour he stopped at a gas station. Whilst getting out of the shelby he spots a state trooper. He grabs a hat he had in his car and puts it on. He
fils the car with gas then drives of leaving the gas pump on the round still following he throws his ciggarete lighting it all to flame. After one hour on the highway he turns
the corner to find a road block of S.W.A.T vans and trucks he knew he was f***ed over. He got out of the car and lied down on the ground.

Thats all i got for know.

Airsoft Gun Pics

09 March 2009 - 03:09 PM

Ok first of to the admins that might close this. I am thinking that it should be allowed in off topic but im not sure. So please just give me a warning. And thank you for the great site that you made. (Wow im being realy kiss ass right now.) And if i dont say this im sure 1 of the admins will say if you knew it was gonna get locked then why post it. Well my only answer is... Im retarded.

Well anyways i made this topic to see what airsoft guns my fellow nerfers have.

Now! Before posting your pic read through the topic to see if the same gun has already been posted.

Sorry i cant post any pics.

And for some off the most impressive guns i see i will put there owners names here.

The KICK ASS!!! gun list...


Pas Or Big Salvo

12 February 2009 - 08:55 PM

Ok im thinking getting a BS or PAS.

1,Wich is more expensive.
2,Wich is easier to mod.
3,Better ranges.
5,Better for cvpc.
6,If i get the PAS wich mod should i do.
7,If i get the BS wich mod should i do.

Thanks in advance!

How Do You Open The Cs Clip Up.

11 February 2009 - 06:56 PM

I got it mostly opened just the top part.