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I Have A Nerf Gun That Shoots Almost 400'

11 November 2006 - 06:49 PM

A few weeks ago, i made a claim that i hade a BIg Blast that shot 300'. Many people doubted me. And even told me to stop taking whatever drugs i was taking. you can see the list here. http://nerfhaven.com...?showtopic=7464

so i went out to prove it on the following monday... only to find out that it was windy. Very windy. it stayed that way for at least a week. After that, it was rainy. the rain kept going off and on for the next week and a half. than once it stopped rtaining, i had work. yesterday was the first time i was able to take video of my proof.

This is the result of 35 pumps on a Buzz bee Big Blast with a Barrel replacement mod.

400' shot! you HAVE to see this!

I'll prove it.

No Drugs, No Angle, Just a 2' Barrel, a Tight Fitting Dart, and 35 pumps.

Please do. I will be glad to send you $50 if you can prove to me that a Buzzbee Big Blast can shoot 300'. THREE HUNDRED FEET.

Time to eat your words :D

Firefly Front End Swappable Clip

01 October 2006 - 08:05 AM

I present to you a mod that i have yet to see doneon this site.

A front end swappable clip for the Firefly.

Posted Image

Persionally, i'm astonished by how simple this was. forst i opened up the gun and did the usual mods. SPring strech, and Restrictor/post removal. But before i put everything back together again, i just threw out the clear housing for the turret. It's completely useless. The barrels stick into the turret on their own. Leave the Reflectors in there, they serve as a threader for the barrels.

Next Step, Sut the shell as shown in the next 2 pictures.

Posted Image
Posted Image

NExt, that little orange piece that holds the turet steady when firing, Taek that out and saw it/sand it with a dremel untill you get this: It has to be able to flip down all the way to horixzontal. And take your dremel/boltcutters and chop that bolt on the front of it to about half it's original length.

Posted Image

I dont have any pictures of just the clip portion, but it you look on the first picture, you can see that the center hole of the clip is widened. I just used a simple grinding wheel to widen it so that the orange piece could flip up into it easier.

once you're done with that, you're finished. Here's a picture where the clip has been removed and you are looking into the front of the cun.

Posted Image

Enjoy :D

I left the electronics in there. Because without the barrels in there, it leaves the Flashbulb completely exposed. Great for a quick Blinding attack.

edit: Oops. forgot ranges

From what i can tell, i have lost no range at all with this mod. Any lost range is compensated for by streching the spring. I streched it to about 1.5 times the original length.

With my special Long stephans, it shoots about 45 feet. Stock Micros, about 30. Not all that great, but for close range, you want to have the ability to reload faster than the other poor fool.

If you do not have any replacement turrets lying aroud, you can make your own following the tutorial Here. Thanks Retiate!

Crossfire "oh Crap!" Barrel Replacement Mod

12 August 2006 - 05:18 PM

I was trying to do a restrictor removal on my Crossfire. Fairly simple right? Drill out the back of the barrel, and just pull it out!

I wish it was that simple.

Inside the Back of the Barrel is a small lip that the spring rests up against. No biggie, i just grabbed the spring with a pair of pliers and pulled the sucker out.

Now here's the problem. That lip is too big for the Restroctor itself to come out. so i grabbed my dremel and after some creative grinding, i thought i had it wide enough for the restrictor to fall out. No such luck for me. so i just decided that i'd drill the whole thing out. Barrel Post and all. Once i was done with that, i had a barrel with a bunch of melted plastic in the middle.

I tried to pull it out with a pair of pliers. No dice. It wouldnt budge. and it was too far down for my Dremel to reach it.

Aw Crap. I just destroyed my Favorite Sidearm.

so i took out the O-ring (as i do for all of my mistakes) and tried it with a piece of 1/2" CPVC. Perfect Fit, and it's snug! Fits in the original Plunger... thingy perfectly! But how to make it Stay where it is?

Hot Glue! I'll coat the end of the CPVC in Hotglue and cut out a trench for the O-Ring! SO i layed down a thick layer of Hotglue on the end, and used an Ice Cube to shape it down and smooth it. Than with a razorblade, i cut out a trench in the middle of it.

Stuck it in the gun and prayed to god.

Loaded a dart, Pulled the slider back, and "POP!"

the dart fired beautifully, and silently!

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but i didnt document this one. i didnt have the camera at the time. But i do have a pic of the completed gun.


If you have any questions, please ask. I'll be more than happy to answer.

Possible Design Flaw In The Mag Strike

01 August 2006 - 06:35 PM

A Friend of mine purchased a MagStrike at Wal-Mart today and when we tried it out, something funny happened.

it didnt shoot all it's Stock Darts In a full Pumping. It didnt even get through 1 clip. So we thought it was just a defective gun. So we took it back and got another one. Same thing happened with the new one.

So we decided to take it home and try to see what the problem was. But before we tore it open, we tried it with Normal Suction Darts. And it worked Beautifully. We said, "I guess it was just a fluke last time" so we loaded it back up with the Velcro Darts, and it didnt work again.

Seems that Nerf didnt Test the Gun with the darts that they would be selling with it. So we tried it with a bunch of other darts. It worked just fine with them all, but it worked best with the Sonic Micros. Went over 35 feet flat with every shot.

Another thing tho. It never lasted both Clips. Thats rather dissapointing.

Am I the only one experiencing this problem? or are the rest of you too?

Big Blast Rifle (non Nerf Gun)

25 July 2006 - 04:48 PM

Hey there all! This is my first Mod Write up, so please Bare with me. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I'll answer them to the best of my Knowledge. ^_^

1) Here is the Gun, unmoded and still in the case. It's never been used. Such a shame too, but when we're done it will be much beter than i can imagine it would be.

Posted Image

2) Take it out of the Case, and pry off that little Orange Ring with a flathead Screwdriver. It's Glued on so it's a bit of a bitch to get off.

Posted Image

3) Here's the Internals. Really simple actually. Pump, Tank, Trigger, Barrelpost. Go ahead and Pull the whole assembly out.

Posted Image

4) Saw off the Barrel Post entirely. Exactly as shown. It's too Fat to Fit inside some PVC.

Posted Image

5) Cut a piece of 1/2" PVC to 14" in length (about) and Hot glue it onto the hole in the tank. Put some Duct tape on top of that for stability. At this Point, you can plug up the Overpressure release valve with some hot glue, but i dont advise it. There is no rubber bladder in this gun, and overpressure can result in explosion of the tank. Seal it at your own risk.

Posted Image

6) On the shell, carve out as displayed below with a Dremel Grinder or cutting disc. (make sure to do this on both sides)

Posted Image
Posted Image

7) Lay the new assembly on top of that and Seal the whole thing back up. You can throw away that orange disc.. It's merely Ornamental.

Posted Image
Posted Image

8) Using Duct Tape, support the front end of the Barrell using a # shape with the tape. add more to your liking.

Posted Image

9) Thats it! Put a Micro Dart or Stafan in it and let it fly!

Here's my test Stats for Distance with a Stock Micro Dart (outside). All of these are fired with the gun propped at a 10 deg angle up

1: 124'
2: 136'
3: 114'
4: 122'
5: 119'
6: Lost
7: 139'
8: 112'
9: Lost
10: 125'

Average Distance: 123.875'

These distances are Aproximate. They were measured by pacing the distance and measuring my stride.

We Tried it with Stephans, but we have no Data for them. We couldnt find any of the ones we fired.

Optional Additions

Take a Piece of 1/2" CPVC and cut it to about 7 or 8 inches. Stuff it in the Front of the barrel so at least 6" is sticking out the end. Wrap it in Electrical tape (only 1 layer)

Now, not only can it fire a little bit farther, but it can also fire it's stock Rockets again! They usually go about 25' - 30' so they're good for close range, and stuffing a Dart in the hole gets the same amazing ranges that it got before. It's also removable so that you can take it out and have the accuracy of a long barrel again.