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Eab Help

12 June 2006 - 09:54 AM

Hey, I've been moding guns for about six months now and I just recently found my Expand-a-Blast aka Hyper Sight, from my early childhood. Naturally, I went to work right away, I gathered supplies for a barrell extension and bought a scope (I'm going to chop off the current 'scope' and put on my own). I then mad the most nOOb mistake ever, I opened the gun up and then turned it over! I don't know how to put it back together! I am in need of internal pictures badly! The one in the mod in the mod section is not good enough! Please help! :unsure:

New Double Barrel Mod

24 March 2006 - 09:50 AM

Hey I used this mod as a base for mine:
Double Barrel NF

I don’t have pictures at the current moment but hope to soon.

1. I cut out the airflow restrictors
2. I opened up my gun and removed all of the wiring to the sight.
3. I cut down the end of my gun like this:

4. I used two 1 inch pieces of 1/4 inch vinyl tubing for the new airflow.
5. I used plumbers epoxy to seal the gun around the tubing and then to the new barrels.
6. I used two 10 inch sections of 1/2 inch PVC with crayola markers inside them for the barrels.
7. Finally I wraped the gun in electrical tape (red & black) to give the gun more body, and so that the color scheme on the gun matched throughout (no Frankenstein, half-blue/yellow, half-PVC)

Nerf Mafia

17 March 2006 - 10:46 AM

Hey, this is the game we play around here. I am Nick and Buckeyenerfer is Phillip, Dayne used to run the show.

Nerf Mafia (Version 3) Revised Rules

Rule Making
1. Nick E. and Wade G.will take over for Dayne and be in charge of the game. He will hand out rule packets, team assignments, make rule decisions, ect.
2. There will be a council who will vote on rule changes and/or act as a judicial system should one be needed. A majority ruling will be needed to pass or fail any amendment to, or removal of rules. The council will consist of Dayne S., Josh S., Wade G., Nick E., and Phillip M., with additional members to be appointed later.

Team Rules
1. Teams will be comprised of five members.
2. Players must currently attend Eaton High School.
3. No one member of any team will have any more power than any other member of their or any other team.
4. Team members may not kill each other, unless the team has come to a majority decision that the person has in some way betrayed the team.

Individual Rules
1. Any member of one team may kill any member of any other team.
2. A player may ‘commit suicide’ by shooting his or herself. At least one member of the council must be present at the time of death.
3. It is not necessary to “call-out” an individual before killing them.
4. A player may not physically restrain another player in order to stop them from killing someone or to better their own ability to make a kill
5. Once a player is dead they have the ability to ‘take a bullet’ for another player by physically blocking the shot, as long as they do not physically render the shooter unable to shoot. (Civilians also have the ability to take a bullet.)

Gun Rules and Regulations
1. Only Nerf or off-brand Nerf weapons may be used with the exception of PVC blowguns. (Homemade guns, Airsoft guns, and paintball guns are illegal.)
2. PVC blowguns must be made of ˝ PVC and cannot exceed three feet in length.
3. Modified guns are now allowed.
4. Players may block shots with their weapons without dying.
5. Players may only use forms of darts, microdarts, or ballistic balls.

Halo Rule
1. All players are safe, on regular school days, between 7:15 AM and 2:30 PM. This time will fluctuate with school delays. For example, on days with one hour delays, the Halo Rule does not take effect until 8:15 AM, and so on.
2. Players are safe at all times while inside the school, in their places of employment, during school sponsored events in which they are participating, and during their respective athletic practices.
3. It is not against the rules to shoot other players in the school parking lot, although it is discouraged.