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Wildfire Help

25 March 2006 - 08:31 PM

What I did:

I read that if you put a the inner tube of a bike tire around the air bladder of a pc/wildfire/rf20, or if you wrap it in rubber bands, you'll get a better ROF and slightly increased range. I wrapped the bladder of my wildfire in rubber bands.

What it's doing:

I have a tremendously increased ROF...kinda. The bolt is flying back and forth, but it seems to shoot one or two darts for every twenty times the bolt shoots foreward, and the range is just as poohpy as if it were stock. On top of that, the turret rotates just as often as it shoots. Also, after I prime then shoot, prime shoot, the third or fourth time i prime it then hold the trigger, the air just hisses out of the thing; the bolt doesn't move at all.

WTF is going on and how do I fix it. Thanks for any feedback.

Bow N Arrow

18 March 2006 - 08:03 PM

Hey everybody. I joined Nerfhaven probably a month ago, but this is my first post. I've mostly just been reading...didn't want to contribute anything that nobody needed.

So yeah, I modded my Bow N Arrow....sort of pathetic, but it's easy, and I haven't seen this mod anywhere before. Also, I'm making my own arrows/missiles...more like missiles -- they're thinker than the arrows.

First, i'll talk about the mod to the gun itself. I'm gonna call it the shotgun mod, cause that's basically what it is. I took a PVC reducer couplink, 2.5 to 3 inches, i think, combined it with crayolas, foam piping insulation, maybe a foot of poly-foam caulk saver/fbr/whatever the hell you call it, and gallons of hot glue to make a removable shotgun attachment. Here's the process:

I sort of winged this thing; it's pretty intuitive, and these rough directions should be enough to get you going. No pics yet, but if you guys are interested, bug me and i might get some up.

First, i cut about four inches of foam insulation (.5") and stuck it into the narrower end of the PVC reducer. It didn't fill the gap completely, so i glued a ring of FBR around one end of the insulation to add to the diameter. Now, you can slide the insulation in and the FBR ring will keep a good seal. Hot glue it all together and make sure there aren't any gaps (except for the hole in the end -- KEEP THAT OPEN) and you should get a pretty good seal.

I used four crayola barrels. There's definitely room for more, but as this is my first try at this mod, i wanted to keep things simple. In order to get the "array" of barrels sealed, i used a piece of FBR as a center post and glued the four barrels onto it, 90 degrees apart from each other. I wanted the barrels to be centered in the wide part of the PVC reducer, so from here it was just a matter of building up a seal of pieces of FBR rings and one inch pieces. And lots of hot glue. Maybe 3 sticks.

As for barrels, you really don't need to use crayolas; i'm sure PCV, or brass would work just fine. I just happened to have crayolas on hand (and they were free). I actually made the mistake of using different brand marker tubes, so they had slightly differing diameters. Now, only two of my barrels will fire, cause the other two are tighter around the darts. My fault; if you standardize the barrel diameter, you shouldn't have this problem.

Once all this is done, and you're confident there aren't any leaks, you can put it on your gun. Just slide the narrower end over that yellow stick. I find that it works best if you don't slide the stick too far in, and if you cut the end off the stick so instead of two tiny holes in the side, you've got one big one in the end.

Pros: It's a shotgun. A friggin' nerf shotgun. Also, if you make more than one attachment, they slide on and off in less than a second, so you can preload a few of them and use 'em like clips. So it's nerf. It's a shotgun. With clips. Sweet.

Cons: Shitty range (15-20 feet). Yeah, i guess the more barrels you use, the less pressure you get per barrel -- makes sense, right? But I haven't done the super-charge mod on it yet. Home Depot (where i bought everything for this mod, except for the markers and glue) has some latex tubing, sort of like tourniquettes, but it's 15 bucks for 10 feet, and i only need maybe 3. But once i get that mod done, it should give more power.

This isn't a very detailed description of the mod...just some general guidelines. It's really easy, and if anybody develops a better way of doing this, by all means let me know. What happens with different barrel materials? How can I get a better seal?

Remember that pipe insulation i was talking about? It comes in bundels; four 3 foot long tubes. I'm just cutting them down to size, stuffing the hole in one end with FBR, sealing it with glue, and making fins out of cardboard of some other flat stuff. I'd recommend going with 3/4" tubing tho, this .5" is quite a tight fit, and doesn't work if i slide it all the way down.

I haven't seen any new Bow N Arrow mods like my shotty mod, and only one person over at NERF HQ is making these arrows, but i think they're for that Unity Power System. I hope I've given you guys a reason to go dig up your old Bow N Arrow and tinker around. Please do, and let me know what you come up with.