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Easy Way To Make Money

23 February 2007 - 03:09 PM

Ok, So I have not been here for a while, but that does not mean my nerfing blood has died. I am still very active and I want to show you guys how I have made about 1000 dollars and improved my arsenal by about 50%.
So Here is the deal. I was scrolling around the internet, when I found this site called treasure troopers. Basically, on the site you can earn money from the comfort of your own home by completing offers and signing up for free trials! I know it sounds fishy, but it is 100% True.

I am absolutely sold on this site. It's the real deal! I've been at it since late December, and I've now earned over $880. (And I have a "real" job, and go to school, so I'm not sitting here clicking all day! ) I've been paid-yes, check in hand, several times, and so have many thousands of others; see the proof on their forum, linked from the main site. Join the fun, and get a monthly check.

Now before you go to sign up I am going to give you guys a little secret so you wont get annyoing solliciter calls. I suggest any of you who are going to sign up to get a Private phone number. Where do you get that you may ask? Well, If you go to www.privatephone.com. It took me literally 3 minutes to sign up and get my number, and it was absolutely free.

Remember, You only have to 13 and older to join and you can buy prepaid credit cards at walmart or Osco Drug to make big money like me. If you dont want to do that, You can still do the 100% free offers and still make hundreds.

I have bought so many nerf guns with my extra cash, here is the list
Longshot x2
maverick x2
Nitefinder x2
Maxshot x2
Big salvo
Plus many more on ebay

If you guys still do not bealive me I will put some pictures up of the money and treasure I have gotten. Also, If you have any questions fell free to pm so you can maxamize your Treasure Trooping experience. Here is the Link Treasure Trooper

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Secretshot Ii

20 November 2006 - 07:19 PM

I don't feel like writing a whole story about this gun so I will try to do this as quick as possible. Basically, all I did was add a brass barrel with foam for support. Also, I relocated the pump, since mine broke on the Secretshot. Well, here are the pics.

Posted Image
Shot of gun

Posted Image
Foam for support

Posted Image
Another shot of gun

Questions, comments, and feel free to post.

One Mad Hokie

13 November 2006 - 10:14 PM

Well, I don't like to ask for help, but I can't figure out my SS2. I got it a while ago, and it had a small leak. So, I decided to lube the sucker up and hope it would make a perfect seal. So, after a couple of days letting it sit, I got the gun and tried pumping it up. Thats when trouble occured. Every time I pumped it up, It wou;d make a burbing noise, and justs let out the air after one pump. I tried to be optimistic about the problem so, I decided to let it sit for two weeks. After waiting for two weeks, it still it made that annoying burb noise after one pump. I tried using a hair dryer to evaporate all the liquids, I even tried to add some more lube. Basically, the point is, should I even bother wasting my time on this gun, or should I toss it into the garbage. I am holding the peice of shit in my hands right now, and just looking at it pisses me off. So, please, help a pissed off Hokie.

My Maverick

21 October 2006 - 03:14 PM

I was tired of evreyone bitching how the Maverick had poor range. So, I thought to myself, "How can I improve the Mavericks range, without losing any ROF". Thats when it hit me, I thought I could intergate a Airtech 2000 into a Maverick. Here are the pics.

Posted Image
First I had to take that pesky guage off the Airtech. This was a bit challenging, but I found a tube connecting peice at Home Depot, and then I epoxyed that on. Also, The seal is amazing I don't lose any air.
After that, I had to put the Airtech in the Maverick. This took me a little while because I had to sand off all the internals. Next, I glued the plunger over the Aitech tank.

Posted Image
I then glued down the pump, and drilled a hole for the pump to come out.

Posted Image
Here was the trick part, the trigger. I tried at least 4 ways to make a good sturdy trigger, but they all failed. So instead, I got a long flat piece of brass and epoxyed it to the trigger. This has not yet broken and as far as I can tell it wont.

Posted Image
I then closed up the gun and it looked like this.

Posted Image
Finally, the end product. The best part about the cocking lever, is you cant see the Airtech.

I really like this gun. It goes about 80-90 Feet with four pumps. Anyway, there you have a Maverick with high ROF, and distance of and Airtech. Questions, comments, concerns?

Buzz Bee Big Blast Vs Lanard Blast Bazooka

08 October 2006 - 08:53 PM

I have been waiting to do this post for a while, but I have had a lot of things on my mind. Anyway, In this topic I will be comparing the Buzz Bee Big Blast, to the Lanard Blast Bazooka. Both of these guns are very similar, but when you have a choice of buying either a Big Blast, or a Blast Bazooka, here are some things to consider.

Opening the gun
Big Blast: Some what hard to open because you have to pry off a orange piece on the front of the gun.

Blast Bazooka: Very easy to open, just uncrew the screws.

Plugging the pump
Big Blast: One of the simplest guns to plug the pump on.

Blast Bazooka: Very hard to plug the pump because you have to pry off a pice gaurding the pump.

Big Blast/Blast Bazooka: Exactly the same.

Modding the gun
Big Blast: Pretty simple gun to mod. Just a barrel replacemnt and your done.

Blast Bazooka: Same exact process, Barrel Replecment.

Trigger System
Big Blast: The trigger on the Big Blast is a lot more stable and you dont need to reinforce it.

Blast Bazooka: Very Weak trigger, needs to be reinforced.

Other Little details:
Big Blast: The guns pump goes out further then the Lanard blast Bazooka, which enables the gun to be primed faster.

Blast Bazooka: You don't need to do a barrel replacment. You can remove the air restrictors, and darts will slide right in to the existing barrel, unlike the Big Blast.

Posted Image
Both the Big Blast, and the Blast Bazooka.

Posted Image
Mods that have been done to both guns.

Posted Image
Pimp sizes.

Overall, The guns are pretty similar, but If you had a choice, I would go with the Big Blast. Also, any other differences you guys can come up with? Which one do you prefer?