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Ok, Need Help.

02 April 2006 - 12:14 AM

Ok, I jsut got this little 3 dollar nerf gun that is like actually maybe a little over 2 inches that said it could fire 25 feet. I got home, simple gun so I took off its bulky covering, but when i started ppumping I realiezed their was a leak. I did the underwater trick and it looks like its coming from the "trigger", see when you pump about 5 times, your supposed to press a purple button the top, it basically acts like a catch, but then a trigger. It has the + shaped thing but the plug is round so excess air can seep. I cant glue it because thn I have no trigger. I have no idea what to do, can anyone help?

P.S.: Found the cover, its called a cyber-shot

Yet Another Nerf/dollar Store Gun

26 March 2006 - 03:57 PM

Every body has been posting dollar store guns, so I went there and all they had were the noisemaker guns, behind one though there was a Fei Kiang Gun its green and black and shoots the foam arrows. but there a bit fatter in width and maybe a BIT smaller in length. I dont have ranges right know, but if anyone has this gun please post a pic or th ranges. I am using the foam arrows, and for it to go REALLY FAR I used the glow in the dark whiute bullets that use with the firefly (like megas) (its a pump action, pull back, loaded push it foward shot. ANyone?

Air Restrictor Reverse Mod

15 March 2006 - 04:04 PM

Here I just want to say to those who have broken their air restrictors, I havent tried but if your desperate, some new ideas have been with coke BOTTLE tops, so you can cut around and stuff to get your self a temporary crappy air restrictor. Also, If youre getting pissed at having to glue up the back of your stock darts because of the wholes because you removed the air restrictor, try this.

1. You want more range to your NF so you do some general mods. You stretch the spring(?), and remove the air restrictor.

2. You go out and get yourself a sale on 100 stock darts. And youre like, I am not gonna glue the back of all these damn darts.

3. You release that when shot with no air restrictor, the darts are a complkete dud.

4. You read this and if you want to go back to stock you follow it.

5. First go out and buy your self one of those glue sticks, a regular size.

6. Then you have to figure out a way to get the glue out...I stabbed it with a pencil and ripped it out.

7. Wash it off and stuff to get all the glue off then cut around the body of the tube so you only have what you would twist and the odd yet familiar stick.

8. The closest recreation you can get is to do this, file or cut the twisty thing so youre left with a little platform big enough to hold, but small enough to go into your ar restricotor and be glued without a problem.

9. Then all you do is stick one of those darts in (with the glue stick recreation I found that using the white darts that came with the Firefly Rev-08 work best) so stick the dart in, pull back, and shoot, your 100 stock darts.

Wow that took along time, I hope this helps all you people out their with your beloved stock darts :unsure: But really I do, good luck to all.

First Was The Nerf Rifle, Now The Shotgun

15 March 2006 - 10:42 AM

I was trying to build my nerf rifle as many of you helped me with, but it turns out, I need a new supplier...in otherwords it broke. So in the meantime to settle my OVERLY EXCITED homemaking mind I need to build a nerf shotgun, now because Im completely lost, does anyone know maybe a good model I could start out with, anyone know of an actual nerf or bb shotgun I could mod into a good nerf gun? PLEASE HELP AS I NEED TO BUILD.

Accesories, Accesories...

15 March 2006 - 10:37 AM

Im trying to modify my guns, also I want to put some accesories on them. Im waiting for when i can start building my nerf rifle because I really want to put a scope on there. Anyone have any way to buy oir make a cheap scope, or something I can use as a laser targeter? Then I could just glue it on top. If any one has any other accesory ideas, please post here! :)