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New Hampshire Nerf

06 April 2006 - 03:25 PM

My friends and I in Southern New Hampshire have been playing some casual (last time we had to resort to using some stock guns and darts) games of nerf. If anyone is interested in joining, we've been playing mostly capture the flag, with ten to fifteen people (though we hope to have more people involved by summer). Our next game will most likely be a variation of capture the flag, we'll play in a sand pit with a few changed rules. If anyone wants to come and play some nice, casual, fun nerf, they are welcome. PM me, scottishcowboy, or pooflives for details. Here are a few pictures of where we played last (Please excuse the picture quality, they are stills from a shakey camcorder:

(go here)

This will most likely become a habit, and our games and rules will be tweaked. This will surely continue through the summer if that's when some people can make it.


14 February 2006 - 03:38 PM

Can anyone tell me how to open a Maxforce Sawtooth? I'm having some trouble after unscrewing with opeing the part i pull on. I'm very new to nerf and this site so i apoligize if this is a stupid question.