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New Innovative Maverick (sp?) Drop Clip! Now Its Finished.

15 January 2009 - 08:58 PM

this is my first writeup anywhere, so please take it easy.

This is not only a drop clip mod, it is also a uber foundational mod!!!!

1:Nerf Maverick X2 (one may be busted)
3:Hot Glue Gun
4:1/2' CPVC Pipe

At Square Uno:
Start by opening up the gun, then nest the stock spring, with another stock spring from the busted gun. Then take the trigger spring, and catch spring, and nest those with the respective springs.

Step Two:
Then take out the entire cylinder assembly. take off the front support, and support rod and dispose of however you feel like, or not. Then take the post of the back support that keeps it in the gun, and Dremel it so theres nothing left.

Step Three:
Open up the turret, and take out all the ars and stuff. Put a pice of cpvc in the barrel, and mark how far down it goes, and cut. (as said by FA24, BoltSniper, Captain Slug, and many others, every little bit counts). Then in the front of the casing, there should be a spot where the front of the support beam would go. hot glue in a hunk of something that slightly protrudes out from the small wall(fbr works, but you have to negotiate it into the hole sometimes), or just Dremel out the wall.

Step four:
Close it all up.