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In Topic: Maverick Seal Improvement

26 January 2006 - 02:38 PM

I did something similary. I put in a plastic spacer instead of a spring. It helped a little. I had to be careful to not make the spacing so tight the barrel would not turn.

I am still considering trying a straw mod as well but haven't go around to it yet.

In Topic: First Modifications (plus Questions)

18 January 2006 - 04:56 PM

I also was recently given a Mav. This is my first real mod with a nerf gun but I love to tinker and take stuff apart, so I did the mods I read above with similar results. Slightly better than unmodded. My son and cousin have stock ones for comparison (xmas gifts).
One thing I did that help a little more is puting a small piece of plastic in between the front of the barrels and the gray holder. I will try and get a pic later. This was to make the plunger and barrel connection tighter. At first I tried two pieces of plastic and the barrel would not turn so I went back to to one. Again a small gain in strenght using stock micros...

I also shorten the trigger spring a little to try ensure the barrel would turn.

1. How do you measure your range shots? Standing and Firing the gun flat? To where the micro first hits the ground or stops?

2. What lubricant do you use on the plunger? Silicon I get but brands? Examples?