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Indoor Event in Hillsboro, OR, OAA Nerf 2 12/10/17

05 December 2017 - 05:26 PM

Okay, so it occurred to me that I didn't ever post anything about the indoor event we are running on Sunday morning.  If you are in the northwest, consider joining us for the second event at this location.  Last spring's event was spectacular, and we had a great time.


When:  Sunday, December 10th from 9:30AM to 12:00PM.


Where:  Oregon Airsoft Arena, 1600 NE 25th Ave, Hillsboro, Oregon 97124

From the event:


Required for all attendees (need parent/guardian signature if under 18). Copies should be available there and online here: http://oregon-airsoft.com/waiver.pdf

Eye protection REQUIRED! Some should be provided, but I recommend bringing your own comfortable pair.

You are welcome to bring your own Nerf blasters and darts. Shields have no place here. No homemade darts or ridiculously overpowerd single shot blasters (if unsure, ask) but modded blasters and all paintjobs are welcome."






PaNWar 2, Sunday August 13th Centralia, WA

20 July 2017 - 05:14 PM

Alright folks, it is that time again!  Join the nerfers of the Pacific Northwest for Panwar 2!
Date: Sunday, August 13th, 2017
Time: 10:00AM until 5:00PM-ish, with lunch around 1:00PM.
Location:  Same as last year, Fort Borst Park, Centralia Washington.  Super easy to get to from anywhere on I-5.
Schedule of events:

(Subject to change)
Stuff to bring:

  • Eye protection.  This is mandatory, not up for discussion.  No glasses, no play.  Recommend Z81+ impact resistance.  If you happen to forget yours, we will have some extras, just in case.
  • Water.  Mid-August and all.  Powerade might be a good idea too.  I had a leg cramp last week while sweeping for darts, which was only alleviated by Powerade.  Aging sucks.
  • A single-barrel pistol.  At least one game will require a single barreled micro dart pistol, no revolvers, Boomco darts not recommended for that game.
  • A ball blaster, HIR-compatible recommended.  At least one game will feature ball blasters only.  You can certainly use Ballistic Balls or Zurg-style 30mm balls, but Rivals and Sceptors will probably dominate the field.  We'll have some extra Apollos available to borrow, just let us know if you need one.
  • A missile or rocket blaster.  At least one game will require use of a Demo/XBZ compatible blaster.  We should have some extra UMBs and such available to borrow, but please let us know in advance so we can make sure to bring enough.
  • Darts/Ammo.  We do have a cache of public-use full-length darts.  Pretty much on your own for half-length stuff, though.  If you bring homemade darts, Slugs, silicone domes, and other soft-tipped darts are great.  DO NOT bring glue domes, they will be sequestered from play and likely destroyed.  We found some of the worst darts I have ever personally seen during the sweep last year, and do not want a repeat.  If you are purchasing aftermarket darts, we recommend one of the various waffle designs, koosh heads, fake accustrikes, Artifact etc.  Please don't buy solid vinyl head darts in the FVJ or nipple styles.  They are cheap, but that is because they suck.
  • Sunscreen!  The field is mostly shady, but you'll probably get some sun.


  • Don't be a dick (haha irony).
  • Call your hits!
  • Don't argue with called hits!
  • Don't call hits unless you are certain.  If you are uncertain, ask.
  • Don't aim for head shots, see rule 1.
  • Not a hard-and-fast rule, but the recommended minimum age is 13 years.  Some of these blasters are going to be pretty powerful, so there may be some pain involved.
  • If someone is injured, stop immediately, hold your blaster in the air, and yell "Hold!".  If you hear "Hold!", stop playing immediately.

Within a short walk from the park are: Safeway, Jack in the Box, Subway, Taco Bell, Arby's, and Starbucks.  We'll start around 1:00 and start back up around 1:30.
The Facebook event, if you are interested: https://www.facebook...28516897170020/
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Had to go back to work, I'll keep working on this!

The Battle for Fort Borst, Centralia [WA]

03 April 2017 - 01:34 PM

Where: Fort Borst Park, Centralia Washington

When: April 22nd at 11:00AM



I'm not running this war, but it will be held at the same (excellent) location where we had the first PaNWar last August.  Definitely head out there if you can!




PaNWar 1.0 - Aiming to be the largest war in the Northwest!

22 July 2016 - 08:58 PM

Join us for the first edition of (hopefully) a long running series of annual wars, Pacific Northwest War 1.0. This is an event I've been envisioning for a while now, but this year we can finally pull it off!
When:  Saturday, August 27th, 2016 at 11:00AM (possibly earlier if there is interest).
Where:  Fort Borst Park, Centralia Washington.  Centralia was chosen as it is nearly exactly halfway between Portland and Seattle, to better facilitate a large gathering.  Also, this park is awesome.
Attached File  BorstMap.PNG   94.24KB   138 downloads
Note that this map of the park is inexplicably rotated, so that north is DOWN.  I don't even.  We are planning to use the section near the entrance to the park, where the historic blockhouse is located.
Things to bring:

  • Water, Gatorade, Etc.
  • Sunscreen, seriously it will be sunny, because it doesn't rain in August.
  • Whatever blasters you think that you will use.
  • Large ammo blasters, balls, rockets, arrows (Zings, even), missiles, etc.
  • If you have a Rival or stock Sceptor, please bring it!  We would like to run another HIRs-only round this time, because the last one was a hoot.
  • Eye protection (mandatory!).  Partially because:
    I should have extras if you forget, but don't count on it.
  • Darts! Stock, slugs, silicone domes.

Things not to bring:

  • Realistically painted blasters.
  • Pump-plugged, micro dart singled Titans and Hydro Cannons, though either of these shooting rockets will be useful.
  • Hard-tipped darts, such as FVJs or glue domes.  We are trying to move away from these.

Game Types:

  • CTF Push/Pull
  • Deathmatch
  • Carpe Testiculum
  • Pistols
  • Freeze Tag
  • Defend The Core?
  • Fastest Tagger in the West

Suggestions are always welcome!

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Alderson +2-3
Folks from Facebook


If you are interested in attending, or have any questions, please let us know!

WVNL Series 3, episode 3, Sorryfortheshortnotice 6/11

06 June 2016 - 02:14 PM

Okay folks, sorry about the short notice, we've all been busy lately!


Date: Saturday, June 11th, 2016

Time: 12:00-4:00ish PM


Location:  Memorial Park, Wilsonville Oregon.




Eye protection is mandatory! If you forget, we may have extras available, but don't count on it.
We prefer soft tipped darts, such as Slugs, silicone domes, stock darts, etc. FVJ variants are okay in a pinch, Stefans (BB and glue domes) are right out.
No singled micro-barreled Titans, Hydro Cannons, Cobras, etc.
No HPA, CO2, or other pre-compressed gasses.
Melee generally allowed, though this is subject to approval. Bonus points for torchforks.



Suggested Things to Bring:


Water:  It is supposed to be cooler, but hey this week has been stupid hot already.

Single-shot pistol! We like to have a couple of pistols-only rounds. We have some loaners if you don't have one.

Rival/Sceptor blasters, I'm going to try to have at least one round where that's all that is on the field.

Friends!  More nerfers is always better.





Bunch o' Facebookers.




If you are on Facebook, join our group page, and express your interest in the war!