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In Topic: M.p.p.v.p.g. (mass Producable Piston Valve Pneumatic Gun)

25 July 2007 - 02:01 PM

WARNING the bottom tee looks like a DWV part and could not be pressure rated! If it is, you might want to replace it before it is too late!

In Topic: Pressure From Chemestry?

16 February 2007 - 06:06 PM

When I read boltsniper's article on his website he noted that the pressure of the gas released would push the dart out long before it caught on fire or melt. Tons of info can be learned from him in the following passage.

Note: This is from his website


A variety of propellants were tried. Some of the more exotic ones were black powder, Bacardi 151, and a few other random combustibles. In reality the fuels used were aquanet hairspray and WD40. Through trial and error we found that a 50/50 mixture of WD40 and hairspray performed the best. I have no proof of this, but it is just the way it seemed.

Ignition was sometimes sketchy. Getting the right fuel air mixture depended on the pressurization initially and it was never exact or the same each time. through more trial and error a good protocol of time to fuel and pumps was come up with that gave quasi-reliable ignition.

Firing produced a healthy *whooomp* noise and about a 2 foot blue muzzle flash. Contrary to popular belief the dart receives no mal effects from the launch. It does not come out on fire. It does not get melted or burnt. In fact the dart doesn`t even get warm. It is not in contact with the flame long enough. "

In Topic: Christmas List 2006

03 December 2006 - 04:24 PM


-Mp3 player for when our marching band goes to California the day after Christmas.

-Muse CD-black holes and revelations

-To be able to talk to my brother off at K-State because I miss him. ^_^

-Dart tag darts

-No Winter-break homework

In Topic: Snowstorms

03 December 2006 - 04:03 PM

I had Thursday and Friday off from school. I wasn't able to enjoy it as much because of swim team practice, but you should have seen all 30 of us run outside for 30-45 seconds on a break from swimming and make snow angels, get 1/4th around the track and turn around. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that all we had on were our skin-tight jammers. No shoes. No shirts. Then we ran inside and jumped inside tp warm our frozen feet.

I haven't been able to enjoy it much yesterday or today due to having a fever, throwing up, sore throat, ect.
And no, you can't get a cold from just running outside.

GO K-State Wildcats!

In Topic: Usb Missile Launcher

28 October 2006 - 05:43 PM

Ok, I just saw a commercial about this new tyco-rc toy that is a little insect looking thing that can move around, and is controlled by a remote-control that comes with it. It shoots little nerf-like darts and supposedly can shoot up to 25 feet. So I guess it would be great to have it for an indoor war, because you could move it around corners and would be pretty easy to set up a camera on the top of it.

Here is the link for it.

So what do you guys think?