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Removing Paint

23 August 2009 - 12:39 AM

I know I need to use acetone/nail polish remover, which I have. Now how do I get it off my gun? I'm trying to remove the orange off my Clear Maverick.

2k Pump Tube Replacement?

09 August 2009 - 11:34 PM

Well I had a MA5C Halo rifle with a 2K inside, ready to be given as a gift to my cousin. BUT of course my idiot brother played with it without letting me know, and he pumped it a lot. And then the pump head separated from the pump. How, I don't know, he just admitted he pumped it a lot. I fixed the pump with epoxy putty, but I had to sacrifice the tube to get it out. What other pump tube has about the same OD and ID as the 2K one?

Jacko Dead?

25 June 2009 - 07:18 PM

I know everyone saw/heard, the King of Pop died today at 6:24. Anyone here a Michael Jackson fan? Please no goobers with child diddle bullshit.
My favorite song was Beat It. Good 'ol MJ will live forever in our hearts.

Go to the TV Guide channel. They're showing a montage and legacy of the legend.

Please Close

03 June 2009 - 11:25 PM

War is cancelled until July whenever.

Mcno 2

02 April 2009 - 11:54 PM

That's right, 2. This will not be like the last MCNO, as the last was a huge clusterfuck (As Talio would say). This will be outdoors, and without my noob friends or my mother.

Date- Saturday, May 9th
Time- 10-5. Get there at 9:30-9:45.
Where- Warnsdorfer Elementary School Playground, 9 Hardenburg Lane, East Brunswick, Middlesex County, New Jersey, 08816. Google Maps link.
Bagged lunch
AT LEAST a primary, a spring pistol, and 100 darts.
A lot of water or liquids. New Jersey in spring is like a sticky, humid hell. Actually it's getting pretty cool.
A big plastic tub to hold your stuff in to avoid confusion and protect it against water.
Bring a beach towel to sit on for lunch.

Rules- No plugged, singled Big Blasts and Blast Bazookas, Plugged and/or singled Titans. The guns I just listed must either have at least a 3 shot spread, or be turreted. NO COUPLER TURRETS. I'm talking about Maverick or 2K. Doomsayers will be taken in for questioning. No air homemades or Split's +Pistol. No water guns converted into nerf. Pistol splats are NOT spring pistols.
Eye protection required, no trench coats, camo, or ski masks.
Blades will be allowed, so long as they are foam and adequately padded.
3:15 rule for the most part.
Pick up darts as you go. If you find some on the ground, pick em up and hold on to them, even if they aren't yours.
While in engagement on the jungle gym, pleas don't use your +Bow or the like. Use your sidearm.
No jumping on the tire swings.
Watch where you're going, so you don't break a bone on the jungle gym.
Don't be a dick.
Pick up darts as you see 'em.

The boundaries are from the black top the edge of the wooded area. There is a large slope down area, be we won't use that because the school parking lot is right next to it.

Weather calls for little showers. I'm sure it'll clear up by then, but just incase, I'll be bringing a tarp to put out stuff under. Also, bring a plastic tub to hold you stuff in, just incase of stuff getting wet. This also prevents confusion of where your stuff is.
Bring a beach towel of sorts. There are no tables to set up our stuff, so the ground will do nicely.

Games (In no particular order)
Gunslinger's Heaven
Team Deathmatch
Noobs vs Vets (Maybe)

The Park-
It's a nice, big elementary school park. It's actually where I went to school 8 years ago. There are 2 parking lots, one by the main building, and one by the run down McGinnis School. Use that parking lot. The field we're playing at is directly ahead of the parking lot. When you first head down the path, there's a dirt baseball field, a large field right next to it, and then the playground itself. On one side, there's a big jungle gym/playground thing, and behind that there is a small wooded area, and a place I like to call, "The Colosseum". It's a round play area, that has ground in the middle, and a ring around it that elevates, and goes down. On the other side, there's a jungle gym, with a slide tower perfect for Siege, a wobbly balance beam (It's supposed to be wobbly), the "Spiderweb", which are 2 metal frames with beams going through it for climbing, a rail that goes up and down, and a very small chain net bridge. There is a table next to that. On the back, there is another jungle gym with a rail that has 2 handles for hang-sliding. It's like monkey bars. Also, there are 4 wobbly poles (They're supposed to be wobbly) and monkey bars. Next to that, there are more monkey bars on a separate piece of equipment. There are benches by The Colosseum, by the first jungle gym I mentioned, and by the black top. There are 2 tables, one by the slide tower, and one by the chain net bridge. There's 2 swing sets, one by the front, and one by the chain net bridge. There are also 2 tire swings in the middle. Behind all that there's a large football field.

-Definite (9)
Me + 2
Jewstien + 2

-Maybe (5)
Ballistic Joe

Too many pictures, so I made a video.
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