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First Mod Pvc Mod

15 November 2005 - 05:58 PM

Well, before we get started, I would like to say a few things. Being 10 years old, I have no camera, therefore no pictures. Also this similar mod was done before, I just modded his mod. http://ultimanerf.tr.../firstshot.html
This has pics, you can use them I guess. Ok here we go-

Step one- Open up your gun, not the lever. Pry off one orange cap to get the screw under that.

Step two- Take out the black and orange piece that cover the spring.

Step three- Saw off the barrel and the orange piece under that has four plastic pieces to the side.

Step four- Cut a 3 3/4" piece of PVC that has 1/2" diameter.

Step five- Drill a hole in the orange plastic piece on the black cover. (Just under 1/2" in diameter)

Step six- Hot glue then goop on the PVC onto the orange piece. Then add electric tape for more support. (Make sure the drilled hole and PVC line up exactly)

Step seven- Put orange front piece on the PVC and put the new barrel and cover in place.

Step eight- Put the gun together and put electric tape on the front for more support.

No need to wait for goop to dry. You can start firing. Here are the ranges.

Flat- Average is 66' Accuracy is great.

Angled- Average is 80' Accuracy is okay

Hope you enjoy your new cheap sidearm!

NOTE: This works on both First Shots

Where To Buy Modding Materials

12 November 2005 - 09:42 AM

I finally found plumbers goop and decided to tell you where you can get your basic modding needs. (If not known) Any questions or comments are taken.

Plumbers Goop: ACE Hardware as far as I know, a purple tube.

PVC: Basic, at any hardware store I cant think of.

FBD: Called "Caulk Saver" in USA. At your local Lowes, and sometimes Home Depot. EDIT: Heh heh, FBR, sorry.

Hot Glue Gun and Glue: Basic, any hardware store probably.

Brass: The only place I can find it is at Lowes.

PETG: Clueless

Hacksaws and other blades: Should be able to find at any Hardware store.

Screwdrivers: Do I really have to say, same as above.

Ruler: Any store with school supplies, honestly can't remember.

EPOXY: I think Lowes

PVC Cement: At any hardware store probably.

Ok, anything I missed, just post below. Now you can start to mod!

Maverick At Walmart

07 November 2005 - 03:22 PM

I was at Walmart 2 days ago and was in the Nerf section. Right before my eyes was a Nerf-N-Strike Maverick for $8! They just got here, but maybe not for you. A better deal than TRU. Just thought you all should know.

How was that for my first post?