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Nerf Wii Blaster

14 February 2008 - 01:51 PM


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Jac Pac Portable C02

24 September 2006 - 01:59 PM

First and foremost this may only be in Canada as I have no idea if there are TSC stores in the US.

Anyways, in the TSC flyer I noticed them carrying a product which replaces an air compressor for air tools by using a regulator attached to refillable C02 cylinders.
[There is a small picture on page 18 of the online flyer]

Additional info..
And More..
This means that for $100 Canadian you can have an air system which uses fittings found at any hardware store. I intend to pick one up for an upcoming build. I'll post pics and a review when I justify the purchase (saving for a new car and a new racing bike).

If anyone has either noticed this to purchased one let me know!


Reaper Mk.2 Build Progress

26 July 2006 - 06:19 PM

It has been some time since I built the Reaper, and its flaws needed fixing, so I thought up ways to fix its noted deficiencies.

Original Thread
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There were a few initial issues that needed to be addressed:
-It was too heavy
-The magazine went too high into the sightlineing the sprinkler valves and the pressure drop was significant enough to only get a few shots per fill…far too inefficient for what I wanted.
-It was both too big and too long. I wanted a bull pup assault rifle not an unwieldy piece of plastic that weights 27 pounds fully loaded.

So yesterday I got my first day off in 2 months so I sat down and began to build a rifle which is going to own its predecessor in ammo capacity, air chamber volume, ergonomics, and overall intimidation factor. This is what I've come up with thus far. Mind the crappy pics, 0.3 Mpl webcam.

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The body is 1 1/4 conduit pvc (only place that sells SCH40 does so at a plumbing store parts counter and its not cheap, also it doesn't need to be pressure rated for my application.) You might notice I salvaged most of the parts from the original reaper and so far I've only spend 10 dollars on new material.

Behind the mock trigger is a sprinkler valve which has its solenoid removed while I build but I'm keeping it electrically actuated for a sweet trigger set-up I have in the works. The regulator isn't easily seen in the picture, but it is sitting behind the sprinkler valve, which leads to a tee to a 0-200 pressure gauge and to the main tank that is 14x2inch SCH40 pvc. attached to the front of the chamber is a brass tee where another brass tee comes off of that where a L-shaped piece of 1 1/2 SCH40 Pvc is attached, as well as a schrader valve (labeled a "snifter valve" at homehardware) there is another 1/4 inch hole which is cut off with a simple 1/4 threaded brass plug. On the very end of the 1 1/2 L chamber there is a ball valve which is simple there so I don't have to dump air through the sprinkler valve (I broke off the black lever-it still works but no manual dump anymore.)

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I'm using the same shells as the Mk.1 however I initially wanted to use 3 inch shells. This made a great
deal of dead space in the finished product. So cutting down to a 1.5 inch shell meant I could cut down a lot of dead space and bring the new rifle from 37 inches to hopefully something around 28-32 inches while keeping its 14 inch barrel.

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The bolt still needs to be finished as its made of 1 inch aluminum round stock pipe with 3/4 inch pvc conduit inside that the shell will fit into and rest against the pieces of 3/4 aluminum (grey in the pic beside the white CPVC.) I also didn't like the ease of the charging handle in the original reaper so I switched to a polished stainless steel handle that I happened to have lying around that will be perfect to use.
Bolt detail
Bolt charging handle

With more people using shells these days in their homemades I'm surprised linear magasines havent caught on more. OMPA make a working prototype in his NEAR, and Torque used one in his Boomstick.

This is the Original linear rotating mag that completely killed my sightline however looking through the centre was somewhat helpful but I wanted better!
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It is made of 1/2 sch80 pvc which fits my shells with just enough room to slide. There are 10-11inch pipes around a 2 inch piece of 2in SCH40 pipe which has a 1-1/4 coupler hotglued inside. This makes it possible to have an unobscured sightline and increase the ammo capacity from 42+1 to 60+1! *edit* I made a mistake in measuring. I can fit 7 shells in each pipe, so the capacity is 70+1 but I'll be cutting that in roughly half in my design change.

So I need to finish the bolt and some minor fitting work before I can bondo this sucker and give it some looks (I want P90 meets alien vs. predator)

Questions/ Coments are always welcome and I'll post more as I find more time to work on it.


The Reaper

19 April 2006 - 01:34 AM

So it looks like I finally am able to unveil my new homemade. I thought I may as well jump on the acronym bandwagon and called it the BFG (Big Freakin’ Gun). My roommate is sleeping so no pics till tomorrow morning but I’ll do my best to describe it.

It’s powered by air pressure and is pumped up by 2 bicycle frame pumps mounted on the body with a tandem handle, making it doubly efficient. The primary chamber is 2-inch SCH40 PVC with ¼ inch threads coming out of both end caps. On the back are the two Schrader valves, which are called snifter valves (home hardware) and are connected with a ¼ inch brass tee to the chamber and a pressure gauge measuring the initial pressure. The threading through the end cap is reinforced internally with a rubber washer, metal washer, and length of ½ inch copper, which is sleeved onto the threaded ¼ inch steel pipe and is secured by a nut. As a precaution I poured a generous amount of epoxy into the end cap, sealing the washers and the seam between the steel washer and the copper pipe.

On the other side of the 14-inch pressure vessel is another steel threaded end cap that is connected to a ¼ inch pressure regulator that lowers the pressure to a much more usable pressure. From a 90-degree brass fitting goes to a male copper adapter that threads into an electronically actuated sprinkler valve. The valve controls the flow of air into the secondary (firing) chamber which is roughly 7 inches long made of 1-1/2 SCH40 PVC and has a 90 degree bend to utilise as little space as possible. The firing chamber is threaded onto a brass ¼ inch tee that connects to a second sprinkler valve that empties the firing chamber. Connected to the sprinkler valve is the bolt. The bolt’s movement is a little tricky to explain as it moves only an inch or so forward and back and rotates 180 degrees. The main idea for this is to have a somewhat gravity fed where the cartridge falls into the bolt from a rotary linear magazine (not connected to the gun but built) which holds 24 shells. The cartridge sits in the bolt that is then rotated 90 degrees and pushed forward to seal the faces of the shell. The shell is made of ½ inch copper with 2 copper couplers with a 1/8-inch recess on each side to allow for the shells to sleeve into ¾ inch aluminium tubing and provide a great seal and also allow enough play for the shells to fall into the handle, falling out the front of the handle. I can use CPVC shells with 2 copper couplers, which is lighter but the 5/8 inch FBR I have fits beautifully into ½ copper and loose fitting in ¾ inch aluminium. If I want to use micro Stefans I have CPVC and ½ FBR just in case. The barrel is fixed to the gun and is about 16 inches long, with a gator lock on the end. I made a silencer that adds another effective 10 inches to the barrel and does great to help muffle the massive thunk the gun makes.

There is so much I may have missed and left out, this is mainly just a rough description of my homemade. I’m just happy the fucker is finally built. I put the electrical wiring in tonight and have only test fired it a few times, but the velocity and power behind it is intense. I’ve left the air assembly as one working piece, and the barrel assembly another. I’m planning on making a paintball loser assembly and a large bore foam chucker that uses ½ inch foam pipe insulator and brass plumbing ma-jiggers (I forget the name) for shells. I will be using the plastic alternative shells that fit 3 pieces of ½ inch copper real well to make a shotgun round.

My fiancé is especially glad it's finished, she feels neglected when I spend so much time in her basement (I use her basement as my workshop).

So I'll get pics tomorrow afternoon.


A Question Regarding Sprinkler Valves

08 April 2006 - 04:31 PM

I am finishing up my homemade Nerf rifle this weekend but there is one piece that I have yet to finish putting together; the pressure vessel. I am using a 3/4 inch solenoid valve and my question is that currently I have a 14x2 inch chamber and would like more than one shot per filling the chamber. Is this possible or will all the air escape when I trigger the valve? This question basically governs whether I will keep the chamber at 14 inches or cut that number in half.

Any help from anyone with experience with type of valve would be greatly appreciated!